5 tips that can help you avoid leg cramps

A few tips that will help you to treat unpleasant leg cramps.

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Have you ever experienced leg cramps at night? I know from my own experience that this condition can be so painful that can ruin your sleep. But sometimes leg cramps can be a sign of disease! In this case, do not wait and consult a doctor, reports Rus.Media.

Here are some tips that will help you to avoid unpleasant leg cramps:


This is a very effective prevention court. The researchers say that this works because circular motion of the knees stretches the muscles.

Drink plenty of water

Leg cramps, usually associated with electrolyte imbalance and dehydration, so drinking water will help prevent this painful condition.

To take certain vitamins

Potassium and magnesium can be helpful in dealing with cramps. But be careful, consult your doctor before taking any vitamins. You can also include potassium-rich foods in your diet to improve the condition. Eat bananas, grapes, oranges and cabbage.

Do not coddle feet

Not secutrity not samotuga legs with a blanket, this is important because they will be in an uncomfortable position a lot of time that can trigger seizures.

And if the spasm has tormented you, then:

Stretch the muscles

Use a towel to ease your pain when a cramp strikes. You need to sit down and straighten your legs. Then place a towel around the foot gently pull the leg yourself. It is important to keep the leg straight without bending the knee. Cramps should disappear.

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