5 tips that will allow the house to do the massage is not worse than in the cabin

5 советов, которые позволят дома делать массаж не хуже, чем в салоне

With the advent of modern life-computers, tablets, phones, functional, easily earned our attention, a man literally tear off from trendy devices. All would be great, but a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the condition, worsening, not only vision, but also the structure of the spine. Aching pain in the back are a kind of call to action. In order to avoid several problems it is recommended to take massage courses, restoring the proper functioning of the intervertebral discs. Magicforum prepared an article in which you will get acquainted with important information on how to properly do massage, not to harm, as well as step by step look at the process.

A back massage is often prescribed to patients with pathology like hernia, protrusion, osteochondrosis or other diseases that occur in violation of degenerative processes.

How to do massage

Therapeutic massage helps people not only to improve health but also charged with vivacity for forthcoming day. With proper implementation of session strengthening muscles, metabolic processes in the cartilaginous tissues of the spine, which allows more people to experience pain, mucosa it for a long time. Don’t forget that a massage improves blood circulation in the vessels, so blood pressure becomes normal. Now about the races and pressure drops, you can forget enjoying the bright moments of his own life.

At the core of massage lies in a kind of movement technique in the ways of blood circulation and flow of lymph. The therapist works only with the spinal muscles without touching the spine itself. The problems with ridge are a specialization of the chiropractor with the necessary skills and proper education to deal with issues of this nature.

The preparatory process for the massage

To choosing a massage parlor you need to approach with special responsibility. The atmosphere in the middle of the room, should position the patient for the upcoming procedure. Low music, dim the lights, how ever, have the way. Usually, a person need ten minutes to tune in a positive way, forgetting about the Affairs and problems. Before starting the procedure, remove all jewelry and clip away long hair, so as not to interfere with the specialist conduct of massage therapy.

Before the session, the technician carefully washes her hands, lubricating them with natural oils for a smooth movement through the skin. The patient is positioned on a hard surface. Often massage rooms equipped with special couches for the comfortable time in the period of the session. Therefore, many clients refuse to have the massage at home, giving their preference to the professionally equipped classrooms.

Starting work, you should listen to the lying on the table man. Based on their preferences, pick the ideal tactics that will help relax the back muscles. As practice shows, a strong impact or, conversely, too light movements on the back will not bring the patient to a proper result. If the person experiences pain during the course should immediately stop massage.

Classical technique

The patient lies belly down, arms along the seam. Under the head put a thin but stiff pad that prevents bursting. If it’s hard to turn on the stomach, permitted a turn to the side.


Any massage starts with stroking. Light movements of the hands of a specialist addresses not only the skin, but also muscle mass, gradually increasing the strength of the movement along the perimeter of the back. Massage movements starting from the lumbar, smoothly moving to the clavicular region, alternating up and down process. This technique at the initial stage, warms up the back muscles before intense exposure.


The next step is squeezing. Putting one palm on the other, the maximum vozdeistviem on all the muscles around the perimeter of the back, thereby preparing them for the process of grinding.


One of the most important processes in the massage is the rubbing. Both hands along the ridge rubs the long muscles of the spine, starting from the sacral region gradually moving to the back of his head. Depending on the sensations of the patient, the procedure can be repeated several times. Turning to a wider area, begin to massage the lumbar region, moving from the pelvis to the armpits. Concluding the process, lightly RUB the back around the perimeter.


The back massage continued kneading. Depending on the feelings of the person it can be done in various ways engaging in work one or two hands. The first step is to stretch the back muscles located along the spine, and then move on to broader areas. Working on the area from the iliac bones to the armpits, carefully massaging the muscles in a circle.

Completion of the massage

Usually massage is done with light taps of his palm on the perimeter of the back. Be sure to follow all lines of the muscles, preventing missed areas, concluding the session by stroking.

Massage in osteochondrosis

Among patients most often referring to the masseurs, are people who have the disease osteochondrosis. After completing treatment, a noticeable number of improvements:

— removed pain spasms;

— improves blood circulation;

— reduces the swelling;

— significantly strengthen the back muscles;

Back massage in osteochondrosis is the perfect solution as long as possible to prolong painless sensation in the back enjoying the bright moments of life.

Today, there are various tactics of carrying out a massage session, like honey, or cupping. Analyzing all the details of a particular process, you determine the most effective method that will not only help to get rid of nagging back pain, but as well relax, while receiving a lot of pleasure.


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