50-year-old Kylie Minogue found a new love

50-летняя Кайли Миноуг нашла новую любовь
This spring, Kylie Minogue spoke bitterly about the fact that hardly ever will get married. During this short time much has changed: the singer spun a new novel and seem to have revised their views on life.

Personal life Kylie Minogue is absolutely not as smooth as her career. Last year, an Australian celebrity was actively preparing for the wedding, which was to be her first. But before the ceremony, it never came. A few weeks before the celebration, the celebrity learned that the groom, a young English actor Joshua Sasse, cheated on her with his colleague. Kylie has not been able to recover after a breakup with her lover, who was a gigolo. Then the singer of the hit Can’t Get You Out of My Head was telling reporters that he had been burned so badly that to think no longer wants about marriage.

However, in a recent interview with Minogue singing differently. “Life is normal. Maybe someday I’ll get married” — shared with a celebrity edition of The Sun. It seems that these changes are related to the fact that Kylie had finally met a new love.

The singer confirmed the rumours which was exaggerated in the Western media the last few months: she had an affair with British journalist Paul Solomons.

Kylie has published on Instagram a delicate frame with a boyfriend and signed it: “I love new York”.

Chosen Kylie is younger than her seven years. It is known that he has long been the creative Director of GQ magazine. It is reported that Minogue and Solomons met during one of the star parties. How was the personal life of the Floor before meeting with Kylie, we can only guess. In Siesta he publishes only the photos with celebrities and colleagues.


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