50 years ago, the first album of Sir Paul McCartney

Il y a 50 ans, le premier album de Sir Paul McCartney

Seven days after announcing the end of the Beatles, Paul McCartney launched a first solo album. A disc that he recorded alone, and where he played all the instruments. This was never made in the world of rock music.

This album, titled McCartney, was launched 50 years ago, on April 17, 1970 in the United Kingdom. The album landed, three days later, in record shops in America.

A first adventure in solo which has not been significant, except for the excellent song Maybe I m Amazed that he always sings in his shows.


The cover of the album McCartney

With McCartney, Sir Paul became the last member of the Beatles to launch a drive solo. What Lennon, Harrison and Starr had already done.

Sir Paul, who was 28 years old, was in turmoil when he started to build this album.

A few weeks earlier, on 20 September 1969, John Lennon announced in private to the three other Beatles that he was leaving the famous training. There was no question, however, to announce it immediately.

This is a McCartney depressed and completely dejected, which is found in his farm in Cambeltown in Scotland. His world just collapsed. The quartet, which allows him to gain his life will soon be a thing of the past. This period of isolation will be at the origin of the famous rumors concerning his death.

Encouraged by his wife Linda, Paul McCartney started to write songs. It will then install in his house in St John’s Wood, on Cavendish Avenue, London, to record what would become his first solo album.

A test

Surrounded by guitars, bass, drums, a piano, an organ, a mellotron, a xylophone and a tape recorder four-track, it launches, in December 1969, in a period of creation and registration.

It is first of all a first test with The Lovely Linda that would become the opening piece of this album.

“This is the first song I recorded to test out the machine. On the first track, there was the singing and the guitar, on the second, another acoustic guitar, and then I added clapping hands on a book, and the low,” he recounted in an interview.

Satisfied with the result, he pounced and decided to continue with the registration.

On February 12, 1970, He advanced to the Studios Morgan, in Willesden, a suburb of London, under the pseudonym Billy Martin, with his tapes. It will record the titles Hot As Sun and Kreen-Akrore.

Nine days later, he settled in the Abbey Road studios where he recorded Every Night, Maybe I’m Amazed , and Man We Was Lonely.

The album McCartney, which lasts 34 minutes, includes eight songs and five instrumental pieces. Titles Junk and Teddy Boy are the parts that it had already been worked with the Beatles.

Linda Eastman McCartney is vocal harmonies on certain securities, including the room Maybe I m Amazed that is dedicated to him.

Ringo at the front

When the other three Beatles will learn that this drive must be launched on the 17th of April, Ringo Starr is sent to the front. He will ask Paul, march 31, to change this date so as not to interfere with the release of the album Let it Be and his first solo album. Ringo will not be very well received.

On 9 April, in a press release that accompanies the releases and promotion of his first solo opus, Paul McCartney announces the end of the Beatles.

The album McCartney was received timidly by the critics and by fans. In addition to reproach him for having put an end to the Beatles, the artisanal character and unfinished album and a realization of the type “lo-fi” were emphasized.

Only Maybe I’m Amazed will be well received and will play on the radio, even if Paul McCartney had not authorized release of the single for this album.

McCartney will be found at the top of the charts Billboard 200 for three weeks, before being dislodged by Let it Be by the Beatles.

The album has been re-mastered on June 13, 2011 and a vinyl edition limited to be launched on June 20 on the occasion of Record Store Day.

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