5000 years ago Europeans eat fatty foods and were treated with poison

5000 лет назад европейцы ели жирную пищу и лечились ядом

5000 years ago Europeans eat fatty foods and were treated with poison
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The researchers examined the stomach contents of one of the most ancient mummies.

Scientists have restored the menu of the last meal of ötzi, an ancient man who lived in the Alps 5000 years ago. His diet was not very healthy, a few hours before death he had eaten a very fatty meat goat and deer. The study is published in the journal Current Biology.

The mummy of ötzi was found by some hikers in 1991 in the Alps at an altitude of 3200 meters above the sea level. Radiocarbon analysis showed that it is the oldest mummy found in Europe, its age, scientists estimated 5300 years. The mummy was named ötzi after the ötztal valley, where he was found. At the time of his death he was 45 years old, but he looked like grandpa.

5000 лет назад европейцы ели жирную пищу и лечились ядом

Scientists have recreated the face of ötzi in 2011. Photo: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Due to natural preservation in the ice of a body of ötzi is almost not decomposed. Scientists have been able to establish where he spent his childhood, what kind of tattoos were on his body, what clothes he wore and even what he ate before he died.

The last meal of ötzi was very high in calories – more than half of the stomach was occupied by the fatty meat of a mountain goat and deer. Scientists suggest that ETSI specially arranged itself so dense and greasy lunch to stock up on energy for a long hike high into the mountains.

In addition to the fatty meat, the researchers found in the stomach of ancient human traces of wheat and the bracken, which, incidentally, are poisonous. Scientists from the Institute for the study of the mummy in Bolzano suggest that toxic spores of the fern could get into the body when eating as ötzi could just wrap the meat in its leaves. But at the same time, fern or male fern, are known for their beneficial properties: strengthens the immune system, improves the blood, helps to normalize the blood sugar level, improves metabolism, removes toxins and slags, strengthens bone tissue. However, overdose can lead to severe poisoning.

Overall, the last meal of ötzi was very balanced in terms of the major essential minerals — scientists have found in his stomach the iron, calcium, magnesium and other useful elements without any traces of toxic heavy materials (lead, cadmium, or arsenic). Found in the same particles of charcoal suggests that cooking ötzi used fire. Scientists suggest that the most likely meat, which he ate, smoked, or dried on the fire.


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