52-year-old Cindy Crawford showed what it looks like without the makeup and filters

52-летняя Синди Кроуфорд показала, как выглядит без макияжа и фильтров

According to challenge, the photo of the participant must be just out of bed — without makeup, filters and styling products on the hair. If you participate, you should pass the baton to her friends, and in this way, the chain, the call came to supermodel Cindy Crawford. She wasn’t afraid and calmly accepted it. In the 52 years the star is not afraid to upload pictures unvarnished and published a picture taken in the morning in bed. “No filter, no makeup, no styling (apart from those that remained on the hair after yesterday’s shooting ha),” wrote Cindy in the picture.

Mother young star of the catwalks of Kaia Gerber has also been nominated to participate in the challenge my friends: iconic models of the 1990s, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen. According to the rules of the challenge, he needs to put up a photo that meets all the conditions, or if you are shy or for some other reasons does not want to do, is to donate the money to charity, Lady Gaga Born This Way Foundation. The idea of the challenge is how to stop being ashamed of their real persons and you feel great without artificial “improvers” appearance.


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