55 mountains in 55 months: François-Guy Thivierge is offered a dream in altitude at the summit of volcan Tajumulco

55 montagnes en 55 mois: François-Guy Thivierge s’est offert un rêve en altitude au sommet du volcan Tajumulco

When he is given the challenge to climb the 55 mountains in 55 months, François-Guy Thivierge was the head of the formidable challenges of climbing, but also some vertices in the corners of the planet that remained uncharted for him. This is the dream that the mountaineers of experience offered by climbing the Tajumulco, a volcano in Guatemala.

The summit of Tajumulco, at 4220 m altitude, is not only the highest of this small country, but at the same time the highest point of central America.

The imposing Tajumulco occupies a prime position in the heart of the mountain chain of the sierra Madre of Chiapas, which extends from Mexico to Honduras.

Thivierge, a member of the select club of the seven summits, was the mountain in the sight for a long time.

“When I did the peaks of the seven continents, I’m not going through central America, but I told myself that I had absolutely done the Tajumulco. I stroked this dream for a long time. It is in a chain of mountains where the scenery is very impressive, with many volcanoes,” said the man with a thousand epics in the mountains.


Even if it is carbide, usually with complex challenges, Thivierge has certainly not been reluctant to the idea of living a more comfortable of his great project. He is the first to admit that he was a top “and can be accessed easily enough on foot”, but does not have at least savored the moment for as much.

“It was not climbing as such and all the lovers of hiking can enjoy such a place. It is a beautiful mountain to add in a trip to central America, without worrying about the strings and other equipment”,-he summarized.

This climb of the Tajumulco has been conducted in the context of a dip in central America, during which Thivierge was attacked at five peaks, in five countries in 10 days.

Matter of getting used to the climate and altitude in order to attack the dish in Guatemala, the climber and two of his friends were first climbed in the El Pital, summit of el Salvador, at 2730 m, in addition to the mountain Las Minas, the highest point of Honduras, to 2870 mr.

“We chose the two peaks perfect to acclimatize and it has helped us arrive at Tajumulco well prepared. We made the choice to go into more remote locations to see the mountains a little more wild. It was a nice change of scenery,” said Thivierge.

During his time in central America, the mountaineer of Quebec, took the opportunity to live in the lush jungle, to soak places in a scenery change of the mountain.

“To reach Las Minas, we typed a two-day walk and a sunset while camping in the tropical jungle. The forest was spectacular with its lianas of Tarzan”, smiled the explorer.

The second part of the trip led the trio in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, an adventure in which he intends to detail in our pages in the coming weeks.

Enriching expedition

If this expedition to the Tajumulco is not in the strongest challenges of his long career, Thivierge returned from the head and the heart-drenched memories.

It is a little bit with the impression of touching the sky and pierce the clouds that François-Guy Thivierge has lived one of his recent adventures.

“The challenge comes from the fact that it is in high altitude and that, at night, it can get very cold. But what I remember above all is that I discovered an America I had never seen before. At the summit of Tajumulco, I’ve been fascinated by a crater of 60 m diameter, the clouds and the panoramic view.

“This passion to share the extraordinary places that I have seen keeps me alive. It is very rewarding on the sporting front, but also for the personal culture. It is a beautiful culture shock.”


Cap on the mountain

  • Altitude : 4220 m
  • Country : Guatemala
  • Region : Sierra Madre de Chiapas
  • First ascent : between 1000 and 2500 years bc J.-C.

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♦ The mountaineer Québec François-Guy Thivierge began in August 2019 on the challenge of his life : climb 55 mountains in the 55 months to celebrate its 55 years. Each month, The Journal presents you with a mountain that he has climbed in the framework of this project.


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