6 ancient beauty secrets that are not expired until now

6 древнейших секретов красоты, не утратившие свою силу до сих пор

We live in a logical and pragmatic world. As far as health and beauty, we are all accustomed to causal relations and rely on direct result. I have a sore throat? – it is necessary to dissolve the pill. Scaly skin? – anoint with the ointment. And so on. To find out what was the cause of the disease actually, we usually don’t have the time or desire. Such is the case with beauty!

East and West: different approaches to the treatment of the body

There are two approaches to the treatment of disease: Western and Eastern. The first is designed to solve a particular problem, and the second is on balancing the overall health. Both of these approaches are important and necessary. So, if there is a serious disease in the acute phase, the Western approach will be most welcome.

The Eastern method of treatment more focused on protecting and restoring health, maintaining Wellness. The disadvantages are appropriate: the Western medications have significant side effects, and preparations of Oriental medicine is often called ineffective or of unproven effectiveness.

In the Western method of treating the human body considered as the Union of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs, which are subject to the study and treatment separately. Experts are divided into specializations and study in all details the work of the elected body parts.

In Eastern medicine doctors look at the human body as a whole. And if you go to a specialist with the complaint of a headache, he will conduct a full examination of the body and try to find out more about your way of life, instead focus on the specific ailment.

Accordingly, the method of treatment of disease will be different. Western doctors clearly differentiate the concept of health and disease, and treat diseases in the acute phase. The Eastern approach focuses on the harmonious state of the whole body. External stimuli and internal protection must be in equilibrium, and if the first prevail, the body is in a state of disease. When the body strong enough to resist outside interference, it’s great. And while the West is trying to change the world, the East prefers to adapt to it.

In the beauty of the Western approach is usually of little use, because they haven’t yet invented a pill or potion which improves condition of skin and hair. On the contrary, has long been known that external beauty is impossible without health. After all, when the body is healthy and feeling great, and it manifested externally.

The following tips combine Western and Eastern approaches to the question of maintaining beauty. And if you want to have radiant skin and beautiful hair regardless of age, make these small changes in your life.

Beauty tips from the West and the East

Drink green tea

Green tea is rich in catechins, which protect cells from damage and help prevent cancer. Green tea is not a treatment as such, however, slow signs of aging of the skin and helps it look younger.

Eat ginger

Ginger is a powerful universal tool, which increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation and gives strength and vigor. It helps fight minor symptoms of disease and the aging process. Ginger can be brewed as a tea, add to smoothies, baked goods or other dishes.

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of the environment

These include the sun, wind, and poor environment. Do not leave the skin open and exposed, use barrier cream, wear hats, dress in accordance with the weather, hide from the wind and try to avoid polluted places. This will protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, drying winds and the poisons and chemicals in the environment.

Move more

This does not mean that you should immediately rush to the gym, although that would be very good for health. In many cities there are equipped playgrounds for sports outdoors, stadiums or bike paths. If your location has none of those either you do not have the ability or desire to visit them, you can simply add more physical activity into your life.

Walk a few stops on foot instead of going by transport or get a bike. Take the stairs instead of a lift up. Whichever activity you practice, remember: your task – to move more and sit less.

Eat less sugar and ready meals

In societies following the Eastern tradition, primarily in China and Korea, as appetizers and snacks made use of crisp organic products. No sweets, pies, cakes or other desserts – only natural and healthy products. They not only saturate the body with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, but also contain no refined sugar or other harmful components.

Think of your body as a whole

All parts of your body and the systems operate together for a common survival and prosperity. This means that you should care about the improvement of health in General and not just individual organs. After all, no one, even the most expensive cream on earth will make your skin look good if you don’t eat vegetables or don’t get enough sleep.

6 special secrets of beauty

These beauty recipes have long been used in folk medicine and continue to be relevant today.

1. Cabbage leaves for breastfeeding moms

Remove the top cabbage leaf and attach directly to the chest. It helps relieve pain, congestion and discomfort in the breast of lactating women.

2. Burning face mask for smooth skin

For this mask you need to beat one egg, add a teaspoon of sour cream and a little hot pepper (you can take the prepared ground, but is better fresh). All components mix and apply on face and hands. After 15 minutes, rinse and Pat the skin with a soft towel.

3. Egg hair mask

Whisk a couple eggs in a deep pot, apply it on dry hair, distributing the weight along the entire length from root to tip and cover with shower cap. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with water, then wash hair with regular shampoo. This mask strengthens hair, makes them stronger, smooth and shiny.

4. Sugaring

Technology is the removal of body hair using sugar caramel has been known for over thousands of years and continues to be one of the most effective. The caramel can cook at home or buy ready.

5. Soft washcloth

Change your rough sponge or soft Terry mitten. This surface is softer and nicer to the skin and also better exfoliates dead skin cells.

6. Aromatherapy

To sit half an hour in peace and quiet and relax is always useful, and if it is to surround yourself with a cloud of pleasant scent, the effect will be even better. To relax and restore beauty are best suited coconut oil, jojoba or almond.

These tips will help you to improve your health from the inside – because without that real beauty is impossible, and will also help to improve the appearance. They were used by our ancestors – try now!

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