6 exercises that will show your real age

How to find out your real age? Do 6 exercises!

6 вправ, які покажуть ваш реальний вік

If you feel you stayed too long in one place, sedentary lifestyle, their lightness disappeared – test your body. Perhaps you are much older their age on the passport, informs Rus.Media.

Enough to perform 6 exercises and analyze the result to understand how the shape of your body.


Test their flexibility just: sit on the floor, vibrates and make a gesture of entreaty behind the back, palms together.

6 вправ, які покажуть ваш реальний вік

If you could carry your shoulder joints ideally.

You wrapped your arms around the back – not bad, but you need to do exercises that develop flexibility.

If the exercise failed, the shoulders need development, salt deposits, joint flexibility, the effect of a frozen shoulder. You need to the gym.

The spine

Sit on a chair smoothly and all the way back. Then tap fingers on the floor, leaning forward. What happened?

  • If the feet remained standing, and the palm lay on the floor, you’re in great shape!
  • Only managed to touch with your fingers the floor is all good, but it’s time to train.
  • If you fail – your spine is in a state of disease, so it is time for active exercise.

6 вправ, які покажуть ваш реальний вік


Here you need to lean back, standing on his knees. Legs straight, try to get the heels.

  • Everything turned out? You in perfect shape! Have more than 25 years!
  • If you were able to lean back, keeping your back – it’s time to train, time has come!
  • Did not work at all? Your neck is in a catastrophic state, immediately start training.

6 вправ, які покажуть ваш реальний вік


Sit on the floor, pull one leg, bending the other, reach out to the outstretched leg. How’s it going?

  • Was able to lie on her outstretched leg? You are just a role model!
  • Was able to bend the leg, but the distance from it to face more than three dozen cm? Your flexibility and muscle elasticity is not in perfect shape. Need a workout, stretching.
  • Are unable to bend the legs started to bend? Your body just needs to work.

6 вправ, які покажуть ваш реальний вік


Ignites on the cat’s position, reclining. Knees straight, feet on ground, hands not torn off. What happened?

  • If not only arched but lingered for a few seconds – you can only envy.
  • Were not able to stay, but to stand out – a good result
  • If you did not work at all, you are at least fifty years, in fact. Handle the workout.

6 вправ, які покажуть ваш реальний вік


Sit on the floor, bend the leg and presses to his, the other pulling. Bend down to grasp the feet. As a result?

  • Everything turned out? You’re in good physical shape your waist perfectly trained.
  • If you touched his feet – not bad, but clearly you’re over 30, be sure to perform regular set of exercises.
  • Are unable to bend? Your body is in a state of advanced age! It’s time to develop elastic muscles and flexibility, otherwise you face the imminent old age.

6 вправ, які покажуть ваш реальний вік