6 stories theft victims who spent years in captivity – real scary story!

The heroine of these horror stories was kidnapped and held in captivity for many years

6 історій жертв викрадення, які провели довгі роки в полоні - реальні страшні історії!

The heroine of these horror stories was kidnapped and held in captivity for many years. They all survived, and all were dismissed. But the years spent in prison, forever changed their lives, reports Rus.Media.

The true story of abduction,

Katya and Elena Mamontova Samokhina — 4 years

6 історій жертв викрадення, які провели довгі роки в полоні - реальні страшні історії!

This story of the abduction of women began in the fall of 2000. Two residents of Ryazan, 14-year-old Katie and 17-year-old Elena came to the center of the city on the occasion. Disco ended late, public transport has not worked. Girls tried to catch the car, and they succeeded. Unfortunately. Beside the driver sat a companion, who invited the girls to drink. In alcohol ambien. The girls woke up almost 100 miles from home. In captivity.

The kidnappers turned out to be 54-year-old Viktor Mokhov and his 25-year-old accomplice Elena Babkina. Summer cottage on the moss was the garage, where the maniac was equipped with a real bunker room with bunk beds and a variety of items to live in it: a cooker, a table with several chairs. There turned out to be girls. Captive used a bucket as a toilet and a basin of water as a sink; they cook their meals themselves.

Girls held in the hopper 44 months. Mokhov regularly raped them both. If the girls tried to defend himself, Mokhov beat them, starved and sprayed the bunker with tear gas. When captive “behaved well”, he brought them books and magazines. Three years later, the girl finally broke down and ceased to resist. Then Mokhov began to withdraw them for walks — alone. One day he brought from the bunker to Kate and told her to play the role of his niece. As it turned out, he moved another girl is a young student removed the maniac room. Mokhov planned with Katina to kidnap her. Kate managed to quietly warn the lodger, and refused to drink alcohol with sleeping pills. Later she found in his things a note:

Victor’s not my uncle. He keeps us in the basement since September 2000. He you can kill. Take the note to the police.

The student immediately went to his hometown and contacted the police there.

Surprisingly, the police officers who conducted a search on plot moss, failed to detect the entrance of the bunker. Fortunately, Mokhov admitted. The girls were released 4 may 2004. All they had in the concrete bag for 3 years, 7 months, 4 days and 15 hours. During this time Elena Samokhina had two children, both boys. The baby was delivered by Kate. Babies Mokhov planted in the entrances of apartment buildings. At the time of liberation Lena was pregnant with my third child (she later miscarried). The two older children live in foster families. Viktor Mokhov was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony, his accomplice Elena Babkina to 5.5 years. Have moss, with whom he resided, assured the investigation that he knew nothing about what was happening.

Colleen Stan — 7 years

6 історій жертв викрадення, які провели довгі роки в полоні - реальні страшні історії!

May 10, 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan was trying to hitchhike to a friend’s birthday. The next 7 years she spent in captivity. The girl was abducted by spouses for spouses hooker, Cameron and Janice. Colleen became a sex slave Cameron, but this apparently was not enough, so he regularly subjected her to abuse: she was beaten and forced to sleep in a wooden box, which stood under the bed of the spouses. In addition, the hooker gave the prisoner her watching the powerful secret organization called “the Company” which would painfully torture her and harm her family if she tried to escape.

After 7 years, in 1984, Cameron hooker decided to get more slaves, and did not like his wife Janice. She freed captive and later said her husband to the police. But Colleen was broken completely: after her release, she wrote and called the Hooker confessed her love for him. To return, however, refused.

Colleen Stan still managed to recover after this story about the kidnapping. She resumed teaching degree, got married, had a daughter and became a member of an organization that helps women survivors of violence. Cameron hooker was sentenced to 104 years in prison.

Natasha Campos — 8 years

6 історій жертв викрадення, які провели довгі роки в полоні - реальні страшні історії!

On March 2, 1998 10-year-old girl from Austria named Natasha Campos left the house and went to school. But not reached. Later, the witness to the theft said that he saw two men shoving a girl into a white van. Despite the online search, the girl is not found. Her kidnapper, Wolfgang Priklopil questioned, but he certainly not admitted, and the reason for his detention was not.

8 years old girl lived in an underground den with a size of 5 square meters, no Windows, equipped in the basement of the house Priklopil. A little later, the maniac began to let Natasha walk in the garden. Later, the girl described your conclusion:

I always thought it is unlikely I will be released. Maybe I will remain locked up and my life will be completely destroyed. I despair of this injustice. I always felt pathetic chicken in the coop. Have you seen the place of my confinement on TV, so you know what it was small. It was a place of despair.

23 Aug 2006 Natalia managed to escape. Her abductor sent the girl to vacuum the interior of the car, and he was distracted by a phone call. Natasha left the vacuum cleaner on, ran to a neighboring house and asked his landlady to call the police. Priklopil, realizing that the police are after him, threw himself under a train and died. Natasha Campos was able to establish his own life: she graduated from high school and worked as leading his own talk show. In 2010, she published her autobiography “3096 days”, one of the most famous stories of child abduction.

Fusako Sano — 9 years

6 історій жертв викрадення, які провели довгі роки в полоні - реальні страшні історії!

9-year-old Fusako Sano was missing 13 November 1990. Large-scale search for the child yielded no results, the little girl disappeared without a trace. As it turned out, she was kidnapped by Nobuyuki Sato, the 28-year-old mentally disturbed unemployed. Maniac kept her in the room on the second floor of her home more than 9 years, while his house was only two hundred meters from the police station.

Sato lived with a mother who, in her words, never rising to the second floor was occupied by the son. But at what point then a very elderly woman went to social services: the son began to behave aggressively. The mother of the maniac asked the staff of the health services to visit her house, and 28 January 2000, it finally happened. The staff went out of Sano: the door to her room, it turns out, all 9 years was not closed, but the girl was very intimidated by the maniac, and never dare to escape.

I was abducted near the school by a man who made me sit in the car. For nine years I did not step out of the house. Today I went out for the first time.

Medical examination showed that the girl who lived 9 years in prison, generally healthy, but her mental development did not correspond to the age: the girl was acting like a child. Still Fusako Sano is experiencing difficulties in communication and prefers solitude.

Jaycee Lee Dugard – 18 years

6 історій жертв викрадення, які провели довгі роки в полоні - реальні страшні історії!

This story of kidnapping has occurred in California. In 1991, 11-year-old Jaycee was kidnapped by the couple Phillip and Nancy Garrido. The girl was waiting for a school bus near his home. At this point, to stop a car drove up, got out a woman and pushed the child in the car. The girl’s stepfather tried on the bike to catch up with the kidnappers, but he did not succeed. Suspicion in theft fell on the native girl’s father, but he, as it turned out, was innocent.

Philip Garrido, the kidnapper of Jaycee, was previously arrested twice for rape and kidnapping, and in 1977 was sentenced to 50 years. In prison he met Nancy, the woman had been visiting his uncle. In the eighties the couple got married, and later Philip was on parole. After 3 years, he has kidnapped Jace.

The girl lived in the house of Garrido, who was surrounded by a high fence. During his imprisonment she gave birth to Phillip’s two girls: the first in August 1994, the second in November 1997. Jaycee first became a mother at 14 and was posing as the daughter of Garrido, and the girls for their younger sisters. Maybe Jaycee would have never returned to the family, if Phillip Garrido led her to the police yourself.

The offender was a blog dedicated to my own “Church of will”, and in 2009 he attempted to obtain police permission for holding public events. An employee of the police Department thought of the strange visitor and appointed him to another meeting. Which Garrido appeared in support of Jace and her two daughters. Then already seemed suspicious behavior of the girls, and the police gave them a separate interview. Garrido said that all the girls are his nieces (although all three of them to call him father). Jaycee called Alice, and stated that she is the mother of the girl, she was 29 years old, and she just looks young. She allegedly fled with the children from the husband-the sadist, and Garrido sheltered the whole family and was good. In the end, and Phillip Garrido and Jaycee told the police the truth.

Jaycee returned to the family, but, according to relatives, her emotional bond with the perpetrator long has been very strong. The children remained under the care of Jaycee, she also took animal was worried about in the house of a maniac. She later wrote the book “a Stolen life” about his confinement. Philip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years in prison, his wife Nancy to 36 years.

Elizabeth Fritzl, 24 years

6 історій жертв викрадення, які провели довгі роки в полоні - реальні страшні історії!

Austrian electrician-middle management didn’t kidnap other people’s children. Over 20 years he was held in captivity of own youngest daughter. In 1984, he closed the 18-year-old Elizabeth hopper was installed in the basement of the house. While bullying it started long before that: she was only 11 when she first suffered domestic violence, and later sexual. Locked daughter in basement, Fritzl declared their daughter missing, but later claimed that he received a letter from her: a girl’s all right, she just lives alone. Authorities have stopped searching for Elizabeth.

During his imprisonment, Elisabeth gave birth to a father of seven children. Three of them never left the basement: daughter Kerstin has lived in it for 19 years, son Stefan, 18, son of Feliks — 5. One child died shortly after birth, deprived of necessary medical care. Other children Fritzl carried out of the basement in childhood. Somehow he managed to adjust the situation so that others believe: “the prodigal daughter” throws grandchildren parents. Fritzl also told me that his daughter had gone to the sect.

In 2008, the eldest daughter Elizabeth Kerstin fell seriously ill. Elizabeth insisted on a medical examination. In Kerstin was discovered a severe form of kidney failure, and doctors demanded her medical records. Presence as a mother was necessary. Fritzl presented a letter from her daughter: that she wished to remain in the sect, and the fate of Kerstin she didn’t care. But the letter aroused suspicion. Fritzl, under pressure from the police and the press, led Elizabeth to the hospital and was immediately arrested. When Elizabeth promised that she will not return to the father, the woman told all about his 24-year sentence. – Middle management was sentenced to life imprisonment in a special prison facility for the criminally insane.

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