6 times where the message is not rendered

6 fois où le message ne s’est pas rendu

On several occasions since the beginning of the health crisis, the directives of Quebec did not find resonance on the ground. At the same time, the testimonies of the workers often differ from the portrait painted by the government. Through the “machine” of government, communications are sometimes difficult.

Equipment protection for all ?

Employees have confided in on several occasions to the media that they lacked the protective equipment, especially masks. However, even if Quebec has come close to a stock shortage, the prime minister ensures that the equipment is still remained available. “I saw at the end of the week that some of the residences said that it lacked protection equipment. There was no reason to it, it has enough protective equipment “, has again said François Legault, yesterday.

Not a routine test

It has been almost two weeks, François Legault announced that Quebec launched an operation to ” systematically test everyone in NURSING homes “, including the employees. A few days later, the department of public health contradicted the prime minister and announced that the residences struggling with an outbreak testeraient than the 2 to 5 first patients who had symptoms, to conserve material necessary for the tests.

As for the workers, despite a directive from the ministry, they are not further tested systematically. At the Manoir St-Patrice, a CHSLD de Laval, first case of a COVID-19 has been declared last Thursday. However, the institution affiliated with the CISSS de Laval do not test all employees.

— With Maude Ouellet

Of inspections everywhere ?

In the wake of the horror scene discovered at the residence Herron, the prime minister Legault’s announcement, on 13 April, that Quebec ” is going to go inspect all residences, public and private, NURSING homes, RPA, RI “.

The next day, he says to the incredulous reporters that ” we finished the tour of the 2,600 residences “.

Verification made by The Newspaper, the inspection was still in progress.

Mr. Legault has called a problem of communication.

“We made it clear to me that all the CHSLD publics have been visited. The others are being visited “, he explained.

There’s someone at the end of the thread ?

On 8 April, Mr. Legault announced that each ltc facility will designate a person responsible for putting them in contact with residents confined and their families. Five days later, however, it is obliged to repeat his request, before the testimonies of citizens unable to reach their loved ones. “I have also asked, in a very clear way, then, that there is a person, for each residence, which is designated to link with the families,” reiterates the prime minister. The next day, he says that ” 95% of facilities have called the families “.

Not even the gb for caregivers

François Legault and Dr. Horaccio Arruda announced that some caregivers can help members of their families in the schools as of April 16. In Montréal, the regional director of public health, however, has put a moratorium on their return to their homes, because of the outbreak, major in NURSING homes in the region.

Premiums are always expected

Like other professionals in the health network, Quebec city has offered to the attendants for beneficiaries of the private network a subsidy of their wages during the crisis. “It is, therefore, a premium temporary $ 4 per hour worked that we will provide them, and this premium will be retroactive to the 13th of march last,” said the minister Danielle McCann. Yesterday, however, the Association of intermediate resources d’hébergement du Québec revealed that the amount has still not been paid. The absence of this premium complicates the retention of staff in a work environment that is attacked by the virus, explains the ARIHQ.

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