6 types of girlfriends with whom communication is better to conduct at a distance

6 типов подружек, общение с которыми лучше вести на расстоянии

We can on every corner to talk about his personal development and independence, but nobody can deny the fact that our environment has a certain impact on us.

It is therefore important to select people who will become your environment. Depends on our spiritual comfort or discomfort.

Friends is an important part of the social life of any person. With these people we can relax, receive the necessary level of support or just to have fun from the soul.

But it also happens that we are very burnt, expressing his trust in the wrong person. But it’s not the worst.

The worst thing to have among my friends people who are covertly pulling people down. They seem like harmless, but better to keep them off.

So, what kind of people are we talking about?

1. Whiners

They complain about everything and they are always bad. This constant whining is very bad impact for you. Involuntarily you start to become the same person.

2. Eternal advisers

There are people, which do not feed bread, but give only advise something. Ask for help only from competent people. Why do you need a man who likes all to learn?

3. Envious

I think there is and explain nothing. Nobody likes jealous people.

4. Beggars

You go to lunch together, when suddenly it turns out that the person forgot their wallet at home and asks you to pay for his coffee. And so a few times. Such a person would pull from you constantly. And it’s not just about money.

5. The string beans fresh

People like that need to be avoided, as anything you say may be used against you. Also in this category are those words which are empty and have no basis.

6. Selfish

Friendship is a mutual process, rather than praising and working for the benefit of one.

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