6 ways to relieve baby’s pain without drugs

6 способов избавить малыша от боли без лекарств

Reflexology is the ancient art of impact points throughout the body to relieve pain, says Shareably website. It is a genuine alternative to pills, which is suitable for children, and especially babies.

Here are 6 ways to help baby. Reflexologists say that before beginning the massage it is advisable to relax and warm up the foot by rubbing and a warm bath.

6 способов избавить малыша от боли без лекарств

1. Headache, toothache.

Infants are often headaches and toothaches. If you see that your child is in pain, massage the tips of your toes! This massage can also be done during sleep.

2. The pain in his nose.

Pain in the nose unpleasant for adults, but for babies who are experiencing it for the first time, it is a real agony. To relieve the pain, massage the base of the toes. Press not very strong.

3. Chest.

If the baby was laid by the chest, massage the feet just below the toes and above the arch. massage not too hard, in a circular motion to relieve and to relieve baby’s cough.

4. Pain in the stomach (solar plexus).

When a baby suffers from stomach upset, abdominal cramping and breath, massage the middle of the legs at the beginning of the arch of the foot. This area is associated with the solar plexus — the nerve centre between the stomach and the lungs.

5. Abdominal pain (above and below).

Constipation, heartburn and indigestion massage the area between the middle and the ball of the foot. If the child is suffering pain from gas and bloating in the intestines, massaging between the mid foot and heel.

6. Pelvis.

Sometimes babies grow faster in some body parts than others, and therefore they often have hip pain. To resolve this problem, RUB the heel! Also massage the heel will help with constipation and indigestion.

Remember: reflexology is intended only to relieve symptomatic pain. In case of serious violations, you should consult a doctor!

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