6-year-old nearly blind Prodigy plays “Bogemsky Rhapsody” and other hits of the past

Just listen how he played!

6-річний майже сліпий вундеркінд грає «Богемську рапсодію» та інші хіти минулого

Avett ray Maness – six-year-old Prodigy from Ohio who in the year knew how to play the piano. The boy was born almost blind, informs Rus.Media.

“When he was able to get to the piano, began to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” says Sarah Moore, mother Avetta. At that time he was only 11 months.

Since then, the boy began taking lessons in piano, along with a teacher he is learning new techniques and classic tunes.

“Music in itself, says Moore. – He trains his execution. He’s an amazing talent. People beg him to speak.”

Soon Avett needs to participate in the event to raise charity funds. He also spoke to the faculty and staff of the local school. The meeting was attended by 900 people.

Video where Avett asked his mother to send it songs singer Adele, has gone viral. At that time she was his favorite singer. This video is even featured in a news release.

The film “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which was nominated for an Oscar, intrigued by Avetta, he did his own cover version on the soundtrack to this film.

This is a recent video of the young pianist

Musical preferences Avetta constantly changing, Moore said.

What is special about this guy? He was born with fbroblast the optic nerve. One boy’s eye was not functioning, the second sees very poorly.

“He has very poor eyesight. He walks with a cane and reads using Braille,” says Moore.

The mother wants to show people how people with special needs. She told classmates Avetta about its features. She even published a book on the subject – “Clouds of cotton candy”.

“He is the main character of the book. Avett could not see a cloud in the sky, so I wrote the book so he could see them. I teach people how to communicate with blind and visually impaired”.

Avett ray – boy with a very old soul. So says his mother. Why? Because God, though, and took sight of the boy, but gave him a huge musical talent.