“60 billion euros are missing”, indicates Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne

    “60 billion euros are missing”, indicates Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne

    Will ski resorts be able to reopen their ski lifts for the February holidays? “See you on January 20 for this answer. It is important to have a few days of hindsight to see the evolution of the epidemic after this holiday season. And then there is also this novelty of the variants coming from the United Kingdom. United and South Africa “, explains Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for Tourism, guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2, Friday January 8. And to specify to the French wishing to leave: “By January 20, keep your reservations, it will be time to cancel, because you can do it free of charge thanks to the commitment of the federations.”

    Economically, what is the situation of tourism in France? “60 billion euros are missing for French tourism. About 30 billion for international revenue and 30 billion for domestic revenue. But France has been more resilient than other global destinations. The engine of tourism European market worked well last summer. And, above all, French customers had a blue white red summer and autumn “, specifies Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

    The government has set up aid for the tourism sector, has it been used massively? “16 billion euros were disbursed, which were in support of professionals and we will continue by maintaining the systems as necessary. In 2020, the bankruptcies were not higher than in previous years because there were these aids (partial activity, solidarity fund) “, concludes the Secretary of State for Tourism.

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