61-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer showed the face without makeup

61-летняя Мишель Пфайффер показала лицо без макияжа

American actress Michelle Pfeiffer Mature teaches women to love themselves as is.

Apparently, 61-year-old Hollywood star is a fan of elegant natural aging.

The artist was never interested in “beauty shots” and trips to plastic surgeons, preferring to keep their natural features intact, writes WomanEL.

Moreover, Michelle is not afraid to show the world its natural beauty, even as it enters the seventh decade.

Recently in Instagram stars appeared her photo, which shows the beauty of the face without any makeup (not the first such photo in her profile, by the way).
Judging by the caption to the photo, like this a La natyurel Pfeiffer met with family for thanksgiving.

Subscribers appreciated the sincerity of the actress and her Mature beauty, just throwing compliments in the comments under the picture.

By the way, fame and status Michelle jealous even colleagues in Hollywood for the filming of the second part of “Maleficent” Angelina Jolie even rolled scandals, fearing competition from Pfeiffer.

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