65 human rights organizations called on the Internet companies of the Russian Federation to confront the requirements of the authorities

International and Russian human rights organisations signed an open letter criticizing the blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia. In particular, they urged the Internet company to comply with the requirements of the authorities that violate human rights.

A letter posted on the website of the British non-profit organization Article 19.

65 правозащитных организаций призвали интернет-компании РФ противостоять требованиям властей

In addition, in the treatment of human rights activists called on the Russian authorities to stop blocking and Telegram to stop the “incessant attacks” on Internet freedom in General. She also asked the UN, the Council of Europe, OSCE, EU governments and the USA to condemn the actions of the Russian authorities.

Among the signatories of the organizations Amnesty International, international “Agora”, the Moscow Helsinki group, “reporters without borders”, “Roskomsvoboda”, “Team 29”, Transparency International.

Just under the letter lists 53 organizations. Later, the head of the human rights organization “Agora”, representing the interests of the Telegram in Russia, Pavel Chikov wrote in his telegram-the channel number supported the appeal of organizations has reached 65.

Blocking websites or applications constitutes an extreme measure, similar to the prohibition of a newspaper or revocation of the license of a television station. As such, it is very likely that the vast majority of cases constitutes a disproportionate interference with freedom of expression and freedom of the media and should be subject to strict control.
Article 19

  • Roskomnadzor has blocked Telegram in Russia from April 16 by the court. It was taken in connection with the failure of the messenger to provide the FSB encryption keys from the correspondence of the users. Give authorities information to decode the messages, the messengers were obliged adopted in the summer of 2016 “Spring package”.
  • To bypass lock Telegram used IP addresses of such the hosting providers like Amazon and Google. Roskomnadzor has blocked close to 20 million addresses for these providers, resulting in access problems started from third-party sites. At the moment, according to the telegram-channel RKNSHOWTIME, remain blocked about 11 million IP addresses.
  • Telegram founder Pavel Durov has called on Russians to “digital resistance.” April 30 in Moscow there was a concerted campaign against the blocking of Telegram, which were attended by about 11 thousand people. 13 may in the capital also held a rally for the freedom of the Internet; despite the fact that the action was agreed, it sadaramangala dozen people.
  • Despite the efforts of Roskomnadzor, the majority of Russians Telegram continues to work. According to the Analytics service TGStat.ru a month after blocking the messenger, the proportion of active users Telegram fell by 7%, the average number of views of posts per day — 15%; analysts attribute this including the holidays.


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