65 % less traffic on the roads

Quebec’s roads are almost deserted since the beginning of the pandemic, so much so that the claims to the SAAQ are two times less numerous than usual.

“It’s simple, a morning rush hour, there are fewer motorists on the motorway network as a weekend regular out pandemic “, illustrates Christian Fortin, a technician in the information to the department of Transport. And he knows what he’s talking about, because part of his job is to analyze the 300 cameras in the network on a daily basis.

65 % less

There would, in reality, about 65 % less users on the road since the last month, according to the MTQ. Logically, accidents and collisions are also significantly less likely, as shown by the figures of the SAAQ obtained by The Newspaper.

People also tend to be more courteous on the roads, so that the security corridor has never been so well respected, ” says Mr. Fortin.

Without being able to provide figures, the insurance Bureau of Canada confirms that the claims have also decreased in the quebec insurers since the beginning of the crisis.

They are also committed, last week, to lower the premiums of customers that would have significantly decreased the number of kilometres they need to do to go to work.

Requests for compensation to the SAAQ

From 13 to 19 march

  • 2020 : 344
  • 2019 : 593

From 20 to 26 march

  • 2020 : 336
  • 2019 : 513

From 27 march to 2 April

  • 2020 : 199
  • 2019 : 514

From 3 to 9 April

  • 2020 : 175
  • 2019 : 428


  • 2020 : 1054
  • 2019 : 2048

– With the collaboration of Jean-François Gibeault

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