7 books for students in difficulty

7 books for students in difficulty

Faced with concerns about school difficulties, children and their parents can find advice and comfort in books on these themes. Here are some reading suggestions that will help the whole family experience these realities better.

1. ADHD and self-esteem

Through testimonials and scenarios, this guide offers parents explanations to fully understand ADHD and different techniques for supervising their child.


2. Dyslexia and other school ailments

This guide supports parents whose child is living with a dyslexia problem by offering them a “simple and pragmatic” approach to implement measures adapted to their needs.


3. Vincent and the apples

But why does Vincent say “mate” instead of “apple”? This illustrated tale explains to preschoolers what dysphasia is and gives them tips to help their little friends.


4. Agnès' clumsiness

Addressed to ages three and up, this story of a very clumsy young girl demystifies dyspraxia, which is characterized by difficulty in automating motor actions such as writing, brushing teeth or eating with utensils.


5. Stress stresses me out!

With a lot of humor, this book teaches children eight years and older to recognize anxiety. Several tips are given to them in order to adapt to stressful everyday situations and to manage the use of screens.


6. Mathis doesn't like math

This book for toddlers tackles the topic of dyscalculia through the day of a boy who is very worried about taking his math class. Her speech therapist and her parents will help her cope with her learning disability.


7. Eli

In the form of a 15-year-old's diary, psychoeducator Stéphanie Deslauriers helps teens identify symptoms of depression and suggests tips for getting through this ordeal.


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