7 easy ways to do charity without lowering at all of her savings

7 простых способов заняться благотворительностью, не спустив на это все свои сбережения 

For some reason many people think that before you start to help others, you need to earn millions of state and only then try to implement their plans.In their opinion, the only truly wealthy person can invest in others, not hoping to get something in return.However, experts assure that the financial component is not the only thing you can help those in need and offer very affordable options, with which the strength to cope to everyone who has decided to be something useful to the world. How to do charity work if you have absolutely no money — in the material Passion.EN.To visit the house to prosterilizovat old people is not worth it. And if you have a home, then you can pay a visit there and pay attention to lonely elderly people.Even if you just keep them company in chess or checkers, read aloud some interesting book, will help to cope with simple everyday questions or just listen, because many of them just need someone to talk to, that will already be on your part a good contribution to the charity.To take patronage over the orphanage or internetupdate if you had not engaged in such, but want to try, you can contact the nearest children’s home or boarding school and to clarify what can be useful to them.Because in addition to material assistance, often pupils do not have enough heat and some of the usual joys.So I can try to implement their creative talents, play with them or teach something good (to hold drawing lessons, learn to handle a needle and scissors or knitting needles to make a literary reading — all what you own is the soul). Or perhaps they need help accompanied by children anywhere, goods and so on.To donate crobiology in distress, you can still another way, for example by becoming a blood donor. Although the process is quite simple, but some people are still afraid to go to donate blood, believing that for them it is associated with certain risks.In fact, if you do not have any contraindications, this procedure will not take much time and will actually be able to someone to save a life (in the truest sense of the word).Just call ahead to the point of drawing blood and find out what you need in order to become a donor.Feed nuzhdayushchiesya you want even somehow be useful to those who find themselves in a difficult situation, then you can participate in the distribution (or even prepare) a meal for people without a certain residence.Can find volunteers who regularly participate in such actions or to appeal directly to charitable organizations and Church communities who are also trying to feed all those who were left homeless, without money, without family and health.To become a party to this action, do not have to join the ranks of an organization, important to know what the earliest date planned distribution of food and come a little earlier to offer all possible assistance (and at the same time to exchange contacts so you can advance notice of upcoming promotions and to attract to the process).To organize a master class (or present the art club) for a special detaisl you are a very creative person and willing to share their knowledge (and skills) with others, then why don’t you organise some themed master class (or circle on a regular basis) for special children or those kids who due to his illness forced to abandon as usual for the rest of the guys pleasures. What to do with them?You can all the details to learn from the curator of such a center in advance and think through all the details and possibilities.For example, you can organize the drama club, to acquaint children with the basics of photo or video, work out with them, painting, embroidering, learn easy cooking recipes and so-forth.To assist the shelter of zhivotnyh unfortunately, not only people, but also our younger brothers sometimes need help.Many animals that once lived in the houses with your favorite hosts in one moment just be unnecessary and end up on the street (for one reason or another, “thrown” is a large part of Pets, which made for fun or to “entertain” their child).And unsuited to the harsh reality, many animals die, and not being able to cope with the longing for the owner or not finding food.Those who were more fortunate, find themselves in shelters or on the overexposure, but there are disadvantages. In such places, gathered a large number of abandoned Pets, and because volunteers often do not have neither the strength nor the time to give attention to each “guest”.So if you love animals and want to help them, can go to the nearest shelter and make something useful.

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