7 food habits that will add to your beauty and health

7 пищевых привычек, которые добавят тебе красоты и здоровья

Learn how affect the health of low-fat dairy products, when you can eat fruits and how to drink water in order not to hurt the digestion.

7 пищевых привычек, которые добавят тебе красоты и здоровья

Limit pastries and sweets

Sugar, which contains a large number of the desserts and pastries, make the skin flabby and loose. The fact is that fast carbs create so-called glycation reactions between molecules of the skin, causing collagen and elasticity decrease.

Drink water with lemon in the morning

Honey water improves blood circulation and elimination of toxins from the entire body, which is beneficial to the skin. In addition, vitamin C contained in lemons is a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process.

Eat fruits before the main meal

To eat after eating an Apple or citrus is the norm, but not for the digestive system. Acids contained in fruits, would entail a process of fermentation in the stomach and intestines, so the food you have eaten will not be digested. Fruits and vegetables are best eaten between full meals as a snack.

Don’t drink food

Drinking immediately after a meal is highly undesirable, experts say. If you have a habit to put on the table and a plate next to a glass of water, it urgently needs to say goodbye, because it slows down the digestion. Better to wait 20-30 minutes, and then drink eaten.

Don’t buy low-fat dairy products

As a rule, most of degreased milk products: milk, cream, kefir, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese. According to American scientists, a low-fat foods can pose a serious threat to the cardiovascular system: regular consumption of low-fat meal reduces the elasticity of blood vessels and affects blood clotting. Therefore consume dairy products at least with minimum fat content: they have more health benefits.

Give up packaged juices and soda

Bottle of any soda, even diet colas, contains the daily norm of sugar. The same applies to packaged juices. Also do not forget about how many such beverages chemistry.

Wet the skin from the inside

Care products moisturize the skin is only 20% in the outer layer. The remaining 80% of the moisture coming from food and drinks. Water, which is necessary for normal cell operation, the right thing to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Especially pay attention to melon, watermelon, strawberries, peaches and cucumbers.

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