7 gifts that should not be taken: advise the clairvoyant from Estonia Ilona the kaldr

7 подарков, которые не следует принимать: советует ясновидица из Эстонии Илона Калдре

The name of the Estonian Ilona the kaldr is known to many around the world. She’s a famous psychic with an impressive history. Known for its assistance of the police and ordinary people with problems. There are certain rules that she follows. One of them is gifts, which you can enjoy, but others should beware. This idea originates from ancient accept people’s observations. The fortune-teller on your experience has verified that there are things that are bad, even evil energy. Share this information with you!

7 examples of bad gifts

  1. Knives

Knives, any sharp, cutting artifacts are dangerous because of the influence of magic. Things such as: knife, scissors, different kinds of needles, bayonets, must be purchased individually. Under this rule fits well as old Antiques. Sharp surface tends to collect negative energy.+

  1. Watch

Clocks have a feature – scoring seconds, the clock suddenly stops. This is a normal phenomenon. But plays a role of what sort of thoughts they are welcomed. It is believed that the clock in the gift lead to the end of happiness, prosperity, love.+

  1. Purse

Empty wallet symbolizes poverty. Giving purses, you need to put them in a certain amount of money. Put the amount you want, or a coin symbolically.+

  1. Handkerchief

The legacy of the cultures of the peoples said that the handkerchief was an attribute of the funeral ceremonies. It symbolizes the memory of the deceased person. I can only imagine how many memories accumulated in the handkerchief, saturated with atmosphere of death. It is undesirable to keep the house things who came to the cemetery. The handkerchiefs specific purpose. Wiser and more hygienic – to give preference to ordinary napkins made of paper.+

  1. Pearls

How beautiful would not be the pearl, it symbolizes the widows and orphans. So in many peoples. If the pearls give with bad thoughts, nothing good is not over. Trouble will come and tears.+

  1. Mirror

So happened that a mirror in ancient times was considered the main thing mystified. Especially the beautiful framework of the old mirror. Even the most valuable and expensive mirrors are dangerous, there lies the power to steal youth, beauty, love.+

  1. Gloves

Gloves are considered a symbol of quarrel. A century ago, the glove flew in the face of the enemy, when he rushed a challenge to a duel. Gloves were used in many rituals whose purpose — to subordinate someone, to weaken the will power.+

Sometimes, it is impossible not to accept the gift. It can be easy to buy. Can make a symbolic payment to the person who gives. If we are talking about gloves, it is safer — swap them, giving the gift in the same thing.+

Such information is perceived differently. Some people are superstitious, others scoff. But caution is unlikely to hurt. Pay attention to how and what you want to present a gift. The gift may be undistinguished, but from people with bad intentions, negative energy he can bring suffering, trouble.

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