7 habits of people who can’t be trusted

7 привычек людей, которым нельзя доверять

People’s attitudes is a very complex and unpredictable process. Sometimes it is hard other to recognize the enemy, and the enemy — other. But still sometimes enemies betray themselves by their words and habits.Let’s look at the 7 habits of people who better not to trust.1. Constantly saying “Trust me!”A person who constantly says and insists that you must believe him — clearly hiding something. “You have to believe me” — if I heard it from the man far better take a look at it carefully.2. Saying “just between us”of Course, sometimes friends share secrets, and it happens that this phrase slips in communication. But if a person is too often said that something will remain “just between us” — listen to it and make sure, unless he takes you to be Frank.3. Forever in negatives such a person is very hard to communicate, often these are the people who have constantly bad, are “energy vampires.” His negative emotions are transferred to you.4. Lying in malacacheta you ever met people who lie in small things — consciously something exaggerate, diminish, embellish — it is better to stay away from this man at a distance.5. Thank splitnose love to gossip and discuss someone’s life and that is absolutely okay. But only when it does not go into obsession and envy.6. Bad revatilization treatment of animals is punishable by law. If you notice it’s for their friends — it is better to contact the police and to break off with that person all ties.7. “You’re the best friend”If you hear these words from a man you barely know, remember that this is manipulation. Adequate person will not immediately be hung around your neck and flatter.

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