7 main signs of intoxication

7 главных признаков интоксикации организма

Excess levels of certain substances in the blood can cause unpleasant symptoms and scientific experts drew up a list of several characteristic signs of such conditions. In particular, impair health of people may an increased level of sugar.

The more frequent appearance of lesions on the skin, tongue coating, high temperature, weight, — all this according to experts may indicate elevated sugar, the OAnews reported. Another symptom of “candied” the body is chronic fatigue, which is often seen in the background of the increased consumption of sweets. To solve this problem, you should forget about sugar at least a week and a half, gave advice to health care providers.

The high content in the body dangerous for him substances may occur in connection with failures in the functioning of the liver, said the scientists.

Signal this problem is often insomnia. In violation of the functions of the liver and insomnia, experts recommend the use of vegetable juices, broccoli, cauliflower.

In addition to these symptoms there is another, which manifests itself in the form of recurring headaches, said the researchers.


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