7 major mistakes in food that make it difficult to lose weight on a diet

7 главных ошибок в питании, которые мешают худеть на диете

You can’t lose weight, despite all attempts? The experts identified 7 common mistakes in the diet.

Let’s start with choosing the wrong diet. There are no two absolutely the same mentally or physically people, so food for each of us is highly individual. It all depends on the characteristics of the organism, upbringing and many other factors. The second common mistake is the unwillingness to diet. In order to successfully implement the plan, you must mentally prepare yourself and to develop some motivation. If you are simply unable to make some serious life changes, the diet will not work.

Many people try one diet and not achieving success immediately jump to the second. The diet industry is booming, it is constantly providing us with new options. But in order to achieve certain results, you must stick to one diet for a long time and not change them constantly. Any diet will be ineffective if you move a little. However, more than 25% of all adults spend on physical activity less than 30 minutes a week. Another common reason for failure in the diet can become a common fatigue. Over time, the metabolism slows, hormone levels jump, and life becomes more difficult after a certain age. That is why we need to gradually reduce portion size to lose weight.

If you’ve tried many different diets, but now risk creating own diet hybrid that just doesn’t work. Every meal plan should be strictly balanced. Finally, another reason for the failure of the diet can be very simple fact diet you do not need. Consider whether you suffer from large amounts of excess weight or just want to achieve model thinness and beauty ideals that are unrealistic?


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