7 movies that we won’t see more of the same

7 films que nous ne reverrons plus de la même façon

Self-isolation, deadly virus, containment, extreme… Many of these areas which are sadly part of our daily lives since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 had already been addressed in one way or another to the cinema. Here are seven films that we may not be able to see her the same way after you have gone through this crisis.

The strong room (2002)

This thriller stuffy David Fincher (Fight Club, The social network) portrays a mother and daughter who are locked in a room for safety to flee burglars that are introduced in their house to find a good amount of money. Only problem : it is precisely in this room that the money was hidden. Jodie Foster delivers an intense performance in the character of the mother, and you may recognize a young Kristen Stewart – at the age of 10 years – in the role of his daughter.

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Shining : the child of light (1980)

An old hotel lost in the middle of the Rocky mountains, a writer who becomes insane because of being isolated with only his family, a child with a gift of medium… Forty years after its cinema release, this masterpiece directed by the master Stanley Kubrick (based on a novel by Stephen King) is still today a reference in terms of horror cinema. And a film still as scary to review.

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Room : the world of Jack (2015)

The young canadian actor Jacob Tremblay has been revealed in this gripping drama which tells the story (true) of a young boy who has lived the first five years of his life locked in a small room with his mother (Brie Larson), who is kidnapped by a man who raped her. Larson won the Oscar for best actress for this performance.

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Alone in the world (2000)

After two months of confinement, you begin to suffer from loneliness ? Put yourself in place of the hero of this film from Robert Zemeckis (Back to the future), who spent four years on a deserted island after surviving miraculously to a crash of an aircraft of his company, FedEx, in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Tom Hanks had to lose 40 pounds and did not cut his beard and his hair for months to play this role, which earned him an Oscar nomination.

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Only on March (2015)

Sort of version martian Alone in the world, this science-fiction film from Ridley Scott (Alien) recounts the adventures of an astronaut (Matt Damon) who was dropped unintentionally on Mars after a mission has gone wrong. A botanist by training, he will attempt to survive alone on the red planet by growing potatoes using human excreta as fertilizer…

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I am legend (2007)

After a terrible virus had devastated the human race, a scientist (played by Will Smith) wanders the deserted streets of New York city alone with his dog, hoping to be able to make a vaccine from his blood the immune. Hard not to watch this thriller, post-apocalyptic, Francis Lawrence (adapted from a novel by Richard Matheson), but without establishing a few parallels with the current pandemic.

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Contagion (2011)

Films of virus (including those of zombies) have found a new meaning since the beginning of the crisis of the sars coronavirus. But none of them appears to be as prophetic as this drama directed by Steven Soderbergh (The Unknown of Las Vegas), which follows different doctors, and epidemiologists who are trying to curb the ravages of a new virus without treatment, which is spreading rapidly around the world. The scenario of the film is inspired by the outbreaks of SARS (in 2003) and H1N1 (in 2009), but the similarities with the current situation prove to be troubling.

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