7 myths about the use of alcohol and hangover after it

How often have you regretted your actions?

7 міфів про вживання алкоголю, і похмілля після нього

Probably each of us at least once in life experienced the morning after alcohol party, that feeling when a hangover makes you forget about the fun time spent, informs Rus.Media.

After the first painful experience someone forever forswear drinking, others establish a kind of norm, and others are looking for ways to combat a hangover. And mankind has invented a lot. We decided to test common methods of dealing with a hangover from a scientific point of view to debunk the myths and find out what methods really help to make the morning after a great holiday kind.

Myth # 1: you Need to drink the alcohol with water

In a bad mood that appears in people in the morning after a wild party, accuse scientists of acetaldehyde – a toxic product of processing of alcohol in the liver. Drinking water beforehand will not affect the process of its formation, and therefore, you will feel a hangover, while a carcinogen is not excreted.

Recycling and disposal of alcohol from the body is accompanied by a large loss of body fluids. So reserved until the time of Wake-up juice and water to eliminate dehydration.

Myth # 2: There is average rate, which you need to adhere to

For each there is a threshold of alcohol tolerance, the excess of which inevitably leads to hangover. According to research, it is determined genetically – that’s why your friend can drink half a bar and with a fresh head in the morning to go to work, and you even after a couple of Beers the next day to spend with headache and feeling nausea.

In addition to genetics, rate of absorption and processing of alcohol affects body weight: lower it is, the faster comes the intoxication. Developed special tables that will help you navigate, how many servings of alcohol you can drink at a certain body weight without consequences.

However, it is worth considering that this is a fairly conventional value, and that the body’s reaction to alcohol is always individual.

7 міфів про вживання алкоголю, і похмілля після нього

Myth # 3: If it is good to eat, is not a hangover

Abundant food will slow the absorption of alcohol and help longer to get drunk, but will not save you from poor health in the morning.

But a good Breakfast will fill the balance of nutrients in the body and raise blood sugar levels, which will positively impact on health. If in the morning you feel sick from everything and especially from one type of food, force yourself to drink a little chicken broth, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

Myth # 4: most Importantly, do not lower the degree

The order of consumption of drinks has virtually no impact on the result. Of course, if you Zap the vodka beer, carbon dioxide in its composition, will speed up intoxication. But the higher degrees will not save you from a hangover if you drink without measure. Important here is not so much the sequence or the principle “not to interfere” as the amount of alcohol consumed and the type of beverage.

The researchers found that the color effect of alcohol on the intensity of the hangover. In the dark drinks more congeners – substances that increase the toxic effect of alcohol. Therefore, dark beer, brandy and Bourbon have to be especially careful.

7 міфів про вживання алкоголю, і похмілля після нього

Myth # 5: the best hangover cure is to drink in the morning

The new portion of alcohol acts as an analgesic – numbs pain, and then it seems that the problem is solved. However, this is only short-term effect: soon the bad feeling will return, and weakened body have to process a new batch of alcohol in addition to yesterday’s.

In the morning it is better to prepare traditional Chinese the infusion of Mandarin, ginger root and brown sugar. The combination of these ingredients helps to quickly recover with a hangover.

Myth # 6: a Spoonful of oil before drinking will save your morning

There is a perception that a knob of butter or tablespoon of vegetable oil taken to alcohol, envelop the stomach and prevent the absorption of alcohol, so they can save for the hangover. In 2005 a group of scientists conducted a major study on this subject and came to the conclusion that butter and oil, like other products, did not prevent the actual absorption of alcohol. In the stomach digestion only 20% of the substances, the rest is processes the intestines.

Butter is better to eat in the morning, spread on a sandwich. Such a Breakfast will help to replenish expended by the body fats and carbohydrates, and will give courage.

7 міфів про вживання алкоголю, і похмілля після нього

Myth # 7: taking painkillers before bed will prevent a hangover

The action of pain pills does not last more than 4-6 hours. And their reception is at night not only will not save you in the morning, but will be an additional blow to the body, which, in addition to utilization of alcohol, will have to cope with the side effects of drugs.

Worth this morning to take a pill just in case, if the headache is unbearable. Natural remedies such as brewed the leaves of red ginseng help to quickly remove alcohol from the body and relieve hangover symptoms.

Despite the fact that the effect of a hangover for many years interested in how scientists and the “people’s researchers”, mankind so far failed to define precisely the mechanism of its occurrence and to find an effective method of dealing with it. So, as corny as it sounds, the most reliable way to avoid a hangover is to abstain from alcohol.