7 reasons why men are afraid of beautiful women

7 причин, почему мужчины боятся красивых женщин

Men look with admiration at the beautiful women, but often to afraid to meet them. And this is true for several reasons:Financial requests in the my modern society to assume that beautiful women are exclusively looking for rich men who can provide for them, so many men are simply afraid to approach a beautiful woman. But it’s overrated. To a rich man and dream of ugly women. The most important quality in a man is reliability and confidence.Comfort and hozyaystvennaya men think that a beautiful girl will not be able to run the household and to create comfort. These girls create the impression of “shirkers”. But it is also misleading. Girl in love shirt and Pat, and a delicious dinner to cook.Beautiful, so nesvobodnaya beautiful girl, the men there thought: “surely It is not free”, so do not even attempt to meet. Sometimes to blame themselves women who let themselves “impregnable”, but at heart they can be the sweetest creatures. Often this behavior is a consequence of past failed relationships.Problem with samoocenkasin with low self-esteem afraid to approach a beautiful woman because am sure she’s not interested in it. But the advice of psychologists is unambiguous — we need to go towards your fear, the only way to get the attention of the beauty.Rinascimentale men believe that a long-term relationship with a beautiful woman is impossible, because it always will be surrounded by competitors. Considering beautiful women frivolous people, they think women are easy to exchange for a more successful and powerful man.Beauty and schitaetsa that a beautiful woman — a silly woman. Of course, among women there are those who expect success only by appearance, but it’s still a stereotype. Now many are engaged in self-development. So, with a beautiful woman you need to communicate to begin with, and only then to draw conclusions.Fear of blitstein not be afraid to meet the expectations of a beautiful woman. They feel they have to outshine hundreds of former lovers of beauties, after all, in their minds, if a woman is beautiful, she sure had a lot of men. Although this is not always the case. So men try to avoid pretty girls.

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