7 serious diseases that develop without pronounced symptoms

7 серьезных болезней, которые развиваются без ярко выраженных симптомов

Doctors called 7 dangerous diseases, which develop almost asymptomatic. They are quietly destroying human health, expressed as the first signs appear only at the stage of disease progression, reducing the chances of timely treatment and full recovery.

To identify these serious diseases can only regular preventive care!

1. Hypertension

This is the most common chronic disease in adults, manifested by increased blood pressure. Its symptoms remain unnoticed for a long time.

2. Diabetes

Every diabetic knows about their diagnosis by accident during routine inspection or at the time of a routine blood test for sugar.

3. Steatosis

Person for years may not be aware that suffers from fatty liver.

4. Hepatitis

The virus that causes the inflammatory diseases of the liver, can completely unnoticed to develop in the human body for many years, destroying it from the inside.

5. Non-melanoma skin cancer

The only symptom of this cancer at an early stage is a red scaly spot, which may appear on any area of the skin. The situation is aggravated by the fact that it passes. Consequently, people may not pay attention to it!

6. Colon cancer

This serious disease — in the list of leaders among cancers. Colon cancer is very dangerous because in the early stage it generally does not manifest itself.

7. Cervical cancer

Unfortunately, to detect this cancer female can only be a gynecologist during a routine inspection.

To stay healthy, doctors recommend to each person once a year to undergo a full examination by experts. If you notice any unusual symptoms — do not wait! Better make an appointment with the therapist.


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