7 tech tools to help learning

7 tech tools to help learning

There is never a bad time to learn when the fun is around. The Journal lists some fun apps available to kids to improve their academic skills.


Designed for ages 4 and up, Boukili aims to encourage children to read through a collection of 126 illustrated books of different levels. A dashboard allows parents to follow the progress of their little one.



Does your child tend to “guess” words rather than decode them? Created by a remedial teacher, the Quebec application Bloups! intends to reinforce his skills by means of challenges focusing on reading syllables and games.



This paid app offers thousands of interactive math activities for elementary and secondary school students. Participants have to complete different missions while developing their skills in calculus, geometry and algebra.


DuoLingo Kids

The popular DuoLingo platform now has a version for children who want to learn English, Spanish and French. They will have to overcome different challenges, such as speaking complete sentences, to access the next levels.

Available from the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad.


Populated by wacky animals, the world of Mazaam introduces children from 4 to 6 years old to masterpieces of classical music. By exploring the basics of music, this game aims to improve the musical, cognitive and social abilities of the participants.

Available from the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad.

Interactive PhET simulations

This University of Colorado Boulder project gives kids a better understanding of certain science and math concepts through simulations they can play with.



Young techno enthusiasts will love TuxBot, a French app that teaches the basics of algorithms. Participants will have to program the movements and actions of a virtual penguin to help it collect all the fish in the game.


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