7 things that are better not to accept a gift of bringing to life the sadness

7 вещей, которые лучше не принимать в подарок, чтобы не принести в свою жизнь печаль

It turns out that not all things can be taken as a gift.

There are certain items that are better not to take the gift, because nothing good in your life they will bring, but it can cause discord, unhappiness, financial difficulties, scandals, etc. What kind of gifts are negative and can bring trouble? Read!

7 things that are better not to accept a gift:

Watches can symbolize the end of a happy life. If the donor still wants you to accept the watch for a gift, you need to give him some coins, like buying a watch.

Knives – need to buy themselves. The edge attracts negative energy tends to accumulate it, causing problems at the one who gave the knife.

The wallet – especially if empty. Such a gift can trigger even poverty. If you take in a gift, with a few coins inside, and the donor also give a couple of coins.

Gloves – they are often used in rituals to mind control people. Therefore, neither accept nor give one.

The mirror is a mystical item that can take away youth and beauty, become part of the rite, against whom offered. Be especially careful to behave with the old mirrors, which store the energy of the previous owners.

A handkerchief – a symbol of sorrow and tears, which is also better not to take the gift.

Pearls – better to buy themselves in order to avoid disease and loss. In many countries pearls are a symbol of the orphans and grieving widows.

What do you think about this? Do you believe in omens? Share your opinion in the comments, and post with friends!

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