7 things that really help to stabilize hormones

Simple and easy!

7 речей, які реально допомагають стабілізувати гормональний фон

Hormones are responsible for the correct functioning of the whole organism. And when at least one disorder, problems affect almost all organs, informs Rus.Media.

There are a number of things that will help your hormonal health:


Fats – one of the key nutritional resources required for the normalization of hormonal background. Fat contains cholesterol, which is involved in the synthesis of many hormones. If you eat enough of foods rich in fats, especially the noticeable lack of female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Therefore it is better to add to your diet flax seed, Chia seeds, salmon, herring and mackerel.


Exercise can positively affect our hormones and body. Even if you have no time to do at least morning exercises.


Cheese contains a lot of selenium, a substance that helps to balance the thyroid gland and metabolism.


Eggs have a positive effect on the production of a number of hormones.

Pea soup

It’s all about the fiber, which is rich in peas: 16 oz. for 1 serving.

Leafy green vegetables

Drinking green leafy vegetables is also an excellent way of maintaining hormonal balance. It is not only spinach, but all kinds of cabbage.

Sleep mode

So, go to bed early in our time – difficult, but worth it. You will look better and feel more energetic.