8 appointment with Stephen King

8 rendez-vous avec Stephen King

More than 45 years after the publication of his first novel, Stephen King continues to shudder the fans of the genre. In fact, the last few years have given us some of the best adaptations of his works, both in the small as the big screen. Inspiration in front of your tv ? Here are eight titles to see… or see again.

Mr. Mercedes

It takes a bit of patience to appreciate Mr. Mercedes, but after a slow start, it is ultimately greatly rewarded. Developed by David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies), this series puts in scene a police officer recently retired, forced to resume service to track down a killer who taunts.

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The Mist

The universe of The Mist is particularly fertile. Based on the novel and its film adaptation, it has recently been transposed to the small screen for the time of a (unfortunately too short) television series. The plot, that of a small town engulfed by a mysterious mist, was first broadcast on the airwaves of Spike TV (since renamed The Paramount Network) before it can be acquired on Netflix, who then has a French version.

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The Outsider

HBO has not put time to adapt the novel by Stephen King on the small screen. Just a few months after the arrival of the novel in bookstores, an agreement was already concluded in view of a series of 10 episodes, broadcast earlier this year. Jason Bateman (excellent, as always) creeps into the skin of Terry Maitland, a baseball coach accused of the brutal assassination of a young boy. The evidence, including a recording of monitoring, are unanimous. The catch ? Other evidence, equally strong, place it in another city, a hundred kilometers from the crime scene at the time even where the victim has died.

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Castle Rock

You already know by heart each of the works of King ? Castle Rock will surprise you by passing them to the mixer to create of all parts a new storyline bringing together of nods to Cujo, It, The green line, Misery, Dome and company. As a bonus, you’ll find players already well familiar with these universes, including Sissy Spacek (the original Carrie) and Bill Skarsgård (the most recent Pennywise in It).

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After making her mark with Oculus and the great Hush, the american filmmaker Mike Flanagan has ventured into the world of Stephen King with as much success. His adaptation of Jessie (Gerald’s Game , in its original version) is especially trembling, ranking among one of the most successful of the last four decades. There are Carla Gugino (flawless) in the role of a woman who is left alone, handcuffed to her bed when her husband dies during their lovemaking.

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Dual program with the Torrance

Doctor Sleep“>

Doctor Sleep

If you are to decide between nostalgia and modernity, it offers a double compound of The Shining (1980) and its sequel, Doctor Sleep (2019). In the most recent chapter, Dan Torrance is an adult, of course, but the demons of his past are never far behind him…

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Cemetery living

Some reviews are welcome, even necessary, in order to make us appreciate anew the works that have marked our youth. This is the case of Cemetery living, edition 2019, which includes the same bases as in the past, but wading through the trails, more raucous and morbid than ever.

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