8 body parts that can tell you about your inner self

There are 8 scientific research on the part of the body, which convey some interesting things about our personality.

8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

Some people say that appearance can deceive, but you know, that actually looks can tell a lot about a person.

Despite the fact that the body structure is based on our DNA (genetics), not our personal aesthetic podoben, there are still body parts that can tell a lot about your personality. Some studies show that genetics can determine a lot of things about our future and how we perceive the world through our genes, informs UkrMedia.

The shape of the nose

8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

Each carried special in its own way. However, according to the study, the tissue that connects bones and shapes your nose can tell you about your character.

The researchers studied nearly 1,700 people and classified them 14 species. They analyzed the shape of the nose and made the following conclusions.

  • People with long noses are very ambitious in my professional life and very hardworking people. They usually are perfectionists and usually put their professional life first, and then personal life. However, people with shorter noses are very sensitive and loyal person. They value feelings more than anything and they prefer to be happy in your family than to have a successful career.
  • People with sharp noses can become successful financial advisors, because they tend to handle money very wisely.
  • Large nostrils is a sign that someone likes to spend money, while small nostrils indicate a strong attachment to personal relationships and family.

Face shape

8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

The human face has a very complex structure, which can tell a lot about the social and personal traits of the person. Cesare Lombroso, the founder of criminal anthropology, argued that every crime can be determined by the structure of the person who implements it.

Studies show that people with a long face, as we know, are highly intelligent people, whereas people with a narrow face shape is too emotional. The study also revealed that people with broad face are likely to be biased, emotional, and very successful.

Eye color

8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

There is a famous saying – “the eyes are the window to your soul”, and scientists support this statement with actual evidence. The study was conducted at the University of Orebro in Sweden. Scientists studied the eyes of 428 people and compared their traits.

The researchers argue that both the person and the structure of the eye associated with the frontal area of the brain that is responsible for the formation of our personality.

  • People with big brown eyes is a natural born leader, a highly intelligent person and people with very dark brown eyes, introverted and mysterious.
  • People with light-blue eyes have a lot of inner strength, and they are generally very competitive, while people with darker blue eyes appeared to have a lot of physical strength and very sensitive.
  • People with dark eyes more travertine and mysterious, while people with lighter eyes are more sociable.

The shape of the eye

8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

Eyes can tell a person is happy, sad, emotional and angry, but you don’t talk about character traits. For thousands of years, experts face reading believed that the shape of your eyes can accurately show the hidden qualities of nature through the structure of the bones of the skull.

  • People with wide eyes, as a rule, is more expressive and emotional in his personal life. They are very detail-oriented and mostly very careful.
  • Face with big eyes tend to be open, reasonable and friendly.
  • People with small and wide eyes – introvert and perfectionist.
  • People with deep-set eyes have a tendency to be mysterious, observant.
  • Almond-shaped eyes convey passion and romance, whereas men with closely spaced eyes – impulsive and persistent personality.


8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

Not only that, our lips have their own unique fingerprint, just like our fingers, but they can also tell a lot about our personality traits to those who know how to read them. Jean HaNer, an expert on face reading, claims that your lips will affect your personality and how you feel towards others and how you behave. Lips show your emotional side and how you behave in your personal relationships!

  • People with lips of medium size, usually responsible in their relationship, I appreciate the affection, but not love drama.
  • People with big lips very carefully to others and often put their needs first.
  • People who have broad lips generous and loyal, and they like to meet the needs of their loved ones.
  • People with thin lips are known to be more competitive and loners. They sometimes prefer to be alone and not spending time with other people, but they also like to be recognized by your family your strong personality traits.


8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

Clearly defined cheekbones are one of the most attractive features of a human face. However, people with fat cheeks and a broad face tend to have higher levels of testosterone. According to the study, people with higher cheekbones and a higher level of testosterone are more aggressive, and they are most likely prone to violence. In addition, people with high cheekbones often is very arrogant.


8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

Have you ever looked at your fingers and wonder why your ring finger is longer than your index finger, or Vice versa? According to the study, the length of your fingers shows the levels of testosterone that you were exposed as a fetus in the womb.

  • If your ring finger longer than your index finger, it means that you are a very magical person and you tend to take more risk both in personal and professional life.
  • If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, it indicates that you are a natural leader.

And finally, if your ring finger and your index finger have the same length, this means that you are a good Communicator and know how to maintain balance.


8 частин тіла, які можуть розповісти про ваше внутрішнє Я

Not only our fingers can tell us about our personality but also our hands. According to the American Academy of hand analysis, all the arms have a unique structure that is almost impossible to repeat twice. Just as our lips and fingers, our hands have their own unique fingerprint.

The best way to see it is to raise a hand and turn the palm towards yourself.

  • If your fingers seem far from each other (more than 0.5 cm), it means that you love to explore and experiment with new things.
  • If the fingers are closely located next to each other (less than 0.5 cm), which means that you are careful and well organized.