8 evidence that coffee can improve your health

Good news for coffee lovers around the world: besides the fact that it helps to Wake up in the morning, coffee also has several health benefits and may even help prevent some diseases.

8 доказів, що кава може поліпшити ваше здоров&#039я

So, let’s look at how coffee has a positive effect on your health:

1. Coffee reduces risk of depression

It’s not a surprise, isn’t it? There is a Harvard study that links coffee consumption in women with a 20% reduction in the risk of depression. This is probably why some people like to call coffee “morning Cup of joy”! , reports Rus.Media .

2. Coffee can improve your mental ability

Coffee increases the production of certain neurotransmitters, including dopamine (which some people like to call the “happiness hormone”) and adrenaline . Coffee increases your mental alertness (you know that already!).

3. Coffee helps prevent neurodegenerative disease

There are studies that show a link between coffee consumption and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. But to help you prevent Parkinson’s disease, your coffee should contain caffeine is decaffeinated coffee does not affect the prevention of disease.

4. Coffee plays a role in the prevention of heart disease and stroke

A lot of people thought otherwise. But recent studies show that coffee helps to prevent heart disease, stroke, and arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat that is associated with heart attacks and stroke).

While people with low blood pressure don’t need to worry about caffeine intake, people with high blood pressure should be careful is because coffee increases blood pressure even more.

5. Coffee helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

When it comes to the prevention of type 2 diabetes, the evidence in favor of coffee inhibit. The amount you proportionately reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. But you still need to know the measure!

6. Coffee prevents the formation of gallstones

Not exactly coffee, and caffeine, which it is. But there is one caveat….To caffeine was effective for this purpose, you will have to consume at least 400 mg of caffeine daily.

7. Your liver loves coffee

There is strong evidence that coffee reduces the risk of liver problems, including liver cancer and cirrhosis. Again, everything is simple – the amount of consumed your coffee is directly proportional to the reduction in the risk of liver diseases.

8. Coffee may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer

In addition to lowering the risk of liver cancer, coffee also helps reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, which is the fourth fatal type of cancer (third to liver cancer).

Just remember – the way coffee is of great importance! These above mentioned features are only the ground coffee, not instant!

And better to drink coffee without additives such as sugar, syrups, cream and milk, if you want to keep your coffee low-calorie.

And also, it is better to drink coffee in the morning.

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