8 most stupid myths about health that do not need to believe

We all from time to time become the victims of myths…

8 найбезглуздіших міфів про здоров&#039я, в які не потрібно вірити

The Internet is full of information and misinformation. And here are 8 of the most popular myths about health, which I believe almost all, informs Rus.Media.

Myth: sexual positions increase the chances of getting pregnant

According to Professor Dr. Jessica Luz, Professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive Sciences at Yale University, a position not associated with the success of pregnancy.

Myth: stress and heavy lifting can cause a miscarriage

Miscarriage happens when the fusion between the sperm and egg is not perfect, and rarely does it happen because of an injury.

However, a poll of 2015 shows that 76% of people believe that stress causes a miscarriage.

Myth: caffeine leads to dehydration

Since caffeine is a diuretic, many believe that it also causes dehydration. But it’s not.

According to the study, you can drink coffee without fear of losing the excess fluid from the body.

Myth: birth control pills cause abortion

Emergency contraception function in three ways: prevents egg maturation, fertilization or attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterine wall.

Myth: alcohol will help you sleep better

But you will never Wake up after the alcohol with a sense of complete recuperation. Alcohol will really help to fall asleep, but sleep will be fragmented.

Myth: if you are indoors, you don’t need to apply sunscreen

Even if you are at home or in the car, your skin still needs protection. Scientists discovered that the rays can penetrate glass and cause skin damage.

Myth: you can stop taking antibiotics when they start to feel better

It is impossible to interrupt course of treatment. The body needs time to recover fully from the infection.

Myth: cracking your fingers lead to arthritis

Arthritis is caused by lifestyle and diet and has nothing to do with this habit. However, you should avoid excessive clicking, as this may cause injury.

And which of these myths do you believe?