8 obvious signs that your body is craving more magnesium

8 явных признаков того, что ваше тело жаждет больше магния

Most of us used to eat the same from day to day. And often we don’t pay attention to the presence or absence in our foods of vital nutrients, lack of which may lead to the development of many diseases.

Signs of deficiency of magnesium in the body

Indeed, many women suffer from a lack of protein or iron, that somehow has an impact on their everyday lives. And the deficit with time increases.+

The same thing we see with such a common in nature microelement such as magnesium. It applies to substances which are not synthesized by the body and must come from outside. Magnesium is found in many foods, it is also added to some foods especially. There is a food Supplement with magnesium and magnesium containing medicines.+

Is a mineral that plays an important role in the functioning of the body, particularly in energy production, functioning of muscles and nerves, strengthening the skeletal system, etc. Thus, it performs many functions necessary to maintain the health of the body. We suggest you look into what the classic symptoms accompanied by a lack of magnesium in the body.+

1. Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are accompanied by acute pain, which does not continue to do daily chores. According to the National library of medicine, supplementation with magnesium helped to significantly reduce the occurrence of seizures. This is especially true for women who have experienced muscle cramps during pregnancy.+

2. High blood pressure

High blood pressure – a sign that your heart is struggling to cope with the loads. According to the American heart Association, the study was installed. It turned out that patients receiving supplementation with magnesium significantly decreased the arterial pressure indices compared with those who did not take them. Association recommends them as a cheap means under high pressure.+

3. Constipation

For constipation we immediately think about fiber, but to successfully solve this problem can and magnesium. According to Health and Science magnesium is extremely important for maintaining many functions of the human body. It is necessary to improve the activities of the digestive system, in particular, magnesium stimulates peristalsis.+

4. Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most unpleasant, and anyone who has ever experienced it, tries to get rid of it. Amazingly, Psychology Today calls magnesium-containing supplements present a tranquilizer, as magnesium plays an important role in reducing stress levels. In other words, stress is “eating” magnesium, so replenish its reserves in the body helps to calm down.+

5. Arrhythmia

Magnesium has a beneficial effect on the heart (normalizes heart rate, improves oxygen supply, etc.). Because of this magnesium containing preparations help to restore the normal heart rhythm.+

6. Sleep disorders

Sleep disorder has many causes. But magnesium is an important factor that normalizes it. Receiving magnesium-containing drugs or food additives significantly improve sleep quality.+

7. Increased desire for chocolate

Chocolate contains a large amount of magnesium, so if you have an increased demand for chocolate, your body is trying to make up for the deficit.+

8. The intake of certain medications

There are a number of drugs, the reception of which causes magnesium deficiency. It some antibiotics, contraceptives, diuretics, asthma and heart failure.+

Feeding habits of a magnesium deficiency

Magnesium, like other minerals we get from food and water. This useful element in a large enough quantity contained in such foods as nuts, cashew nuts, bananas, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, peas, beans, tofu, leafy vegetables, almonds, peanuts, walnuts and pine nuts.+

With early detection of magnesium deficiency you can avoid many troubles. To solve the problem of the deficit, it should first of all consult a doctor. Most likely, you will need an additional source of magnesium, as in the last 50 years the magnesium content in foods has decreased significantly. Support normal levels of this trace element in the body in many cases, the key to your good health and high performance.

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