8 reasons why you are bait for the “wrong” men (and how to fix it)

8 причин, почему вы являетесь приманкой для «не тех» мужчин (и как это исправить) 

If you still are unable to rebuild their personal lives, it is not necessary to search guilty — to better analyze their behavior and find out what you don’t.Maybe it’s easier than you think and all your troubles are that you initially choose the wrong person.How to understand that you are a magnet for the wrong men and how to change the situation — in the material Passion.EN.Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that every girl is dreaming to meet my only — such a successful and handsome Prince, who would reciprocate her feelings and provide a decent life without any worries and hassle. I will say that it only happens in fairy tales, but in life not everyone?Psychologists say that it all depends on the lady, including the presence of a suitable partner. If you repeatedly step on the same rake, trying to build the perfect relationship with “the one”, which turns out to be another villain, it is likely that you just do give a wrong setup of the Universe.In other words, you initially “include a green light the” wrong men, ignoring the more qualified candidates with whom you could have something serious.Understand why you are bait for unreliable mediocre Cavaliers and what to do next.Pay attention to the same of tipanama obvious reason why you still can not arrange his personal life — you choose, who like two drops of water similar to your previous gentleman (not necessarily in appearance, are due to character traits, manners, behavior and so on). If you repeatedly choose “bad guys”, then don’t be surprised that your love story ends very badly. To change the ending according to experts, it is necessary to pay attention to other men that you had not even considered previously as potential partners.Have no idea what actually want arciniegas say that have no idea what your cavalier, you will not be able to hold his interest and, accordingly, to hope for something serious.In the end, after another parting again you will shed tears and wonder why you are on the way, I got a frivolous instance.Because you need to become a competent, intelligent lady, an excellent conversationalist and even a friend. As you begin to better understand your (even potential) lover in your relationship everything will work out.Emotionally closed with almost the first vstrechniy not talking about what you need to open the first comer, but eventually the partner starts to bother you all so mysterious and unpredictable, because it will start to look for a more pliant person. To avoid this, try to give your gentleman from time to time to “solve the riddle” and don’t take his emotional attachment — that really bring them closer together, believe me.Hide their complexes (and uncertainty) behind the sarcasm and hiranyamaya to laugh at yourself is a good habit, is able to defuse the situation and smooth out any conflict. But not if it turns into sarcasm and irony (especially in relation to the partner).Psychologists say that such behavior is regarded by men as bitchiness and unwillingness to make contact, they begin to reply with the same.And even if you didn’t want anything like that and was trying for sarcasm to hide some of their complexes, several times think before to do it. You don’t want to eventually be perceived as a bitch and treated you that way?Encourage inappropriate behavior and attacks in your adress most cases ladies themselves encourage rough behaviour of the Cavaliers, giggling over dirty jokes, barbs or inappropriate antics. Or, even if they are hurt, they prefer to keep silence of his dissatisfaction as not to offend the partner. In the end, they swallow the insult and continue to pretend that everything is fine — cute talking, flirting and smiling.Accordingly, the man sees no problem and continues to act in the same spirit (or come up with something worse). What do you think, long enough for your patience in this situation?Trying to compete in otnosheniyami women know that your partner does not need to compete to inspire and to gently guide. It was then that the relationship will be harmonious and strong. And if your date is just lying on the sofa staring at the TV and reluctantly carrying out their duties, do not rush to judge him.Perhaps you have “fought” for leadership in the relationship that eventually got it and the man decided that he wouldn’t need to move mountains for you or take any feats.Analyze their behavior and try the following your love story not to happen. Experts agree that in the hands of competent ladies, even the most hopeless man can come together and reach unprecedented heights. It would be only for the sake of whom, as they say.Bypassing the “good boys”no Wonder “bad guys” are more popular than pasteque modest and demure. If the first know how loudly and effectively Express themselves, to stir up interest in his person, and disappear into the sunset, leaving the lady abandoned to suffer alone, the latter usually do not act so rapidly, leaving the right for a woman to decide whether to give a chance to the relationship or not.According to psychologists, men who are quiet, though do not have such energy and charisma, but they later turn out faithful husbands and caring fathers.Do not spend time in search of his ideal, and assume that autosales that everything is logical: if you want to find someone who is perfect in all respects, then meet, chat, get to know the person before you let him into your life, and in case of failure, to blame the Universe, that “slipped” you are a lousy option.Many women unfortunately forget about this rule, and try to build a relationship with the first comer, hoping that he would be their fate.Some persons admit that they are just too lazy to spend time searching (and communication in particular), so they prefer to save energy.Psychologists draw attention to the fact that such neglect of my own happiness can be expensive — you will ignore their true love and after a failed novel disappointed finally the representatives of the stronger sex. And in the end prefer to spend their days in loneliness instead of giving yourself (and your potential man) another chance to meet.

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