8 recipes to introduce children to the furnaces

8 recettes pour initier les enfants aux fourneaux

To care for and look after the children at the same time, why not give the opportunity to children to put hand to the dough ? Thanks to Foodlavie, let them take part in this activity and break the monotony of cooking recipes all together !

Rigatoni bolognese in a cake

Nutritionist Dana Al-Kahwaji, presents a different and fun way to serve pasta to kids ! Tasty and healthy, this dish can be prepared in just 40 minutes.

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Mini-pizza house

Here is a recipe of homemade pizza-simple, for which the dough only needs an hour to inflate. Have fun to do the different sizes, different shapes, and add the condiments you prefer !

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Rice mexican

This rice mexican vegetarian is very simple and quick to make, this is the perfect option if you want to learn how to cook for children, but you do know that their attention is limited in time !

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Cream popcorn

Cream popcorn, here’s an idea that should bring joy to the children for supper ! Discover the many uses of popcorn by adding it to your databases of soup to replace the potatoes. This is a how original and tasty the chef David Martel for cooking with children ! Evening cinema then ?

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Cheeseburgers upside down

A classic incontestable in children, the cheeseburger ! But in this recipe, it is upside down ! And why do we say that the cheeseburger is upside down ? Because the cheese is in the patty ! Your children will love the idea !

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Chicken breasts marinated in yogurt

Your children refuse to eat their chicken ? Cook with them the marinade with the yogurt of the expert foodlavie Hugo Saint-Jacques to remedy the situation. They will love to put hand to the dough and the rendering will be delicious !

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Bowl smoothie raspberry

Enjoy your mornings in the family to take the time to concoct this delicious and colorful bowl of smoothie with raspberries, avocado and pineapple ! The smooth texture of lawyers and their high content of good fat make it an ideal ally to give texture and volume to your smoothie. Make it fun, make it all pretty by adding lots of fruit on top.

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Nachos desserts

To finish dessert, the expert, Marie-Ève Verdier offers a sweet version of nachos that is cooking on the grill, over a camp fire or in the oven. With small butter cookies, marshmallows and a ton of chocolate chips, this is a dessert pig your kids will love them !

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