8 signs of a man who will love you more than my life

8 признаков мужчины, который будет любить вас сильнее своей жизни

Men often get unflattering characterization, partly due to stereotypes and high expectations of women. The perfect man is considered to be a fictitious character, the hero of the movie and novels.

But still it is not, and there are certain conditions in which each particular man is becoming a woman. This occurs when he finds one that doesn’t want to lose.

1. He is faithful to your relationship

Easy to be together when all is well, but when the fate of the “fasten nut”, and then it is checked for strength: things, people, relationships, love. A real man doesn’t give up without a fight, can not stand dirty linen in public. He values your relationship, and therefore, will not stand between you anything stranger

2. He’s not hiding from the problems

A real man will not take the ostrich position when it gets tight. If something will annoy or displease, he carefully and with respect to this. To problem it applies like this: if they are, then they need to be addressed. And he knows how to separate debate arising from the relationship, which is very important.

3. Attention to detail

When he was single, he didn’t care about the fact that not all rubbish is emptied, not washed dishes and in the refridgerator is empty. But he knows that it is important for you and is now trying to break away from their routine and to make sure that everything is in order.

He won’t watch a movie without you, that you also love, and allows you to play music in the car. Trivia, Yes, but those little things is life.

4. He is smart and wise

Here’s why you should judge a man on his mind. And it’s not IQ, that of worldly wisdom. First, he looks at things objectively, and secondly, maybe in any situation to give comprehensive advice.

If you need help, he tries to feel what is bothering you. And you are sure that at least the wise counsel he would give to your future children!

5. He wants you to love yourself for who you are

He thinks you are beautiful (for that love), but he’s not just believes, but tries young acts to showcase. When you think that hairstyle is not right, he will always make timely compliment. Every day he finds a way to encourage you, to support, to remind them of their love.

6. Your problems are his problems

If something bothers you, the same thing bothers him. He solves your problems as their own. If you need help in the middle of the night, it will help and will not moan that it’s actually none of his business.

7. He sees your flaws with a smile

But not with the caustic and sarcastic, and philosophical: everyone makes mistakes, and you are no exception. If you mistakenly said something that had hurt him, he will understand that you don’t mean to say.

He will not wear the stone in his bosom, and poking them at every opportunity and an awkward case, if you failed him at some point (for example, disrupted dinner in the restaurant, staying at work late).

8. But their own seriously

On the other hand, he worries greatly when, for some reason disappoints you or does not meet your expectations. And tries as soon as possible to correct mistakes. He won’t put serious stuff into a joke, especially if he knows that it hurts you.

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