8 signs of high blood pressure

8 признаков повышенного артериального давления

High blood pressure is often called the silent killer, most often it occurs without any symptoms, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The doctors called a few warning signs of hypertension, which in any case cannot be ignored.

The best and most effective means of treatment of hypertension is prevention. The sooner the person will find that his blood pressure is elevated, the more steps he will have time to do before this disease will rise to levels classic hypertoniand. Unfortunately, the disease is incurable condition, and its victims have for life to take pills in order to keep the pressure in the normal range. Be sure to follow the indicators of pressure, if they consistently exceed 140/90, then you need to visit a doctor and follow his recommendations.

Remember that jumps in blood pressure often cause headaches. They may not be as severe as migraines, but sensitive. The sharp decrease in arterial pressure or increase increase the load on the heart, causing people feel dizzy. The optic nerve located behind the eye also may be subject to hypertension, which vision becomes less acute. Often the symptoms of high blood pressure include disorders of the digestive system including nausea and vomiting.

Hypertension is often accompanied by chest pain, which is explained by the fact that the heart is pumping more blood and working harder than usual. Symptoms of high blood pressure include shortness of breath, bleeding from the nose due to rupture of small blood vessels and redness of face, excessive sweating and nervousness. Pressure surges can trigger panic attacks.


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