8 things you should throw out of your life right now

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

So, are you ready to do your spring cleaning. You need to start with items that can potentially threaten your health, says Healthy Way.

Here are 8 items that you definitely should not keep at home.

1. Pancake mix.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

Pancake mix can become dangerous if not used properly. According to Snopes, Packed pancake mix (along with many others) may not have the correct taste, contain mold and even threaten your life!

Of course, that they actually harm your health, you must have a mold Allergy. The mixture for this should be in the usual box, but not in the foil pouch or plastic.

Usually the date of packing of the mixture does not matter, as mold spores can get into the box, but rather than mix older, so it is more dangerous.

Most people who eat these pancakes, just will feel weird, without specific symptoms. One person compared the taste with rubbing alcohol (perhaps, even aromatic syrup did not help).

However, there is another good reason to throw out the pancake mix: it is incredibly easy to make at home. And just need baking powder, sugar, salt and flour.

2. Spoiled potatoes.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

Let’s be clear: the green potato will not kill you. However, it is not very tasty and, moreover, not useful for you.

However, the old sprouting potatoes in your pantry really is harmful to your health. What happens to a potato as you age?

Old sprouted potatoes contain glycoalkaloid poison, similar to what is in the nightshade. If you eat old or green potatoes in sufficient quantities, it may cause vomiting, headache, hallucinations, and sooner or later, paralysis and shock!

Your children because of this may even suffer neurological problems. To symptoms were visible, you need to eat no less than 2 pounds of such potatoes.

Just to be safe: if you see green or sprouted potatoes – throw it away.

In 2013, the Daily Mail reported about a family that died after exposure to steam from rotten potatoes, noting that the family kept dozens of kilos in winter, in a wet basement.

3. Unbranded charger.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

All chargers for the same phone, right? In the end, they all have the same connectors and cords.

In addition, unbranded chargers cost much less than their “colleagues”: charging from Apple can cost 30 dollars, and its counterparts — less than 10.

In any case, you get what you pay for. Ken Shiriff from How-To Geek took a dozen chargers to test them.

He found that some of the unbranded chargers, don’t provide stable power and can potentially damage the battery of your expensive smartphone.

For example, about the danger of such learned poor 26-year-old woman when her charge “shot like fireworks”.

The good news is that some little-known brands such as Belkin , and Monoprice, a well-coped with the trials of Ken Shiriff.

4. Some (but not all) drugs with expired shelf life.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

Contrary to popular belief, most expired drugs are not dangerous. Pharmaceutical companies guarantee the full effectiveness of drugs before the date of expiration. So, the cure is likely to be less effective, but not toxic.

However, there are exceptions. Tetracaine, adrenaline, insulin, anti-convulsants and many psychiatric drugs have strict deadlines and must be immediately discarded when they expire.

Eye drops should also be discarded, since the jar can quickly develop bacteria — and, Yes, the same applies to the contact lenses.

5. Cosmetic products with expired shelf life.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

If, say, it’s sunscreen — throw it away, because SPF cease to have effect and your skin is no longer protected from harmful UV rays.

You can get a sunburn (a sunburn increase the risk of developing melanoma).

Similarly, some treatment for acne and blackheads will bring more harm than good if their shelf life has expired. By weakening the active ingredients in the tube will start to breed bacteria.

Be sure to RUB germs all over your face every morning – not a very efficient way of dealing with acne.

6. Old toothbrushes.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

Most likely, your toothbrush is too old to serve you faithfully. In fact, a very old tooth brush can actually harm your health.

The American dental Association notes that toothbrushes “can contain microorganisms that cause oral infection”.

If that doesn’t sound quite alarming, they also state that even new toothbrushes can Harbor bacteria. However, the older a toothbrush is, the more likely it is that it is conveniently located bacteria.

The ADA recommends changing your toothbrush every three to four months.

“But wait, — you say, with a mouth full of toothpaste, I paid 10 dollars for this toothbrush. I really need to throw it away?”

Well, yeah, but the good news is that cheap toothbrushes work just as well as expensive.

The ADA also recommends buying a soft toothbrush — you don’t need much pressure to stop the formation of plaque on your teeth.

7. Old phones and laptops.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

There’s a really incredibly good reason to recycle old electronics: if you do not, your house could explode.

Okay, sorry, we were a little exaggerated; the house is not going to explode, but lithium batteries in old electronics can burst, creating a serious risk of fire or simply injury.

If the battery begins to bulge over, pushing away the housing of your electronic device, get rid of it as soon as possible (and safer).

The good news is that modern methods of production must ultimately resolve this problem.

So, what should you do with old electronics? Companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, and HP buy older versions of electronic devices.

If the electronics are outdated, but still usable, you can donate it to charity (just make sure you have erased all data before doing it).

8. Old shoes.

8 вещей, которые вы должны выбросить из своей жизни прямо сейчас

Practically, you’ll never have to wear my old shoes, even if you love her very much. Knowing that it is a health risk, you would probably run to throw it away. Right!

No, we’re not even talking about that terrible smell.

As the wear of the shoes is curved. And this is especially important if we’re talking about sports shoes. In the end, you either risk getting hurt or mess up your gait, which will be very difficult to fix.

The American Academy of pediatric sports medicine recommends that you throw out all shoes that “don’t exactly when placed on a flat surface” or if the toe is noticeably dented.

And you don’t keep these dangerous things in your house?

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