8 truths about the clitoris, which is unknown even to the women..

We will open the veil of secrecy!

8 істин про клітор, які невідомі навіть жінкам..

We know too little about your body! Just think, until 1998, even in the textbooks was not adequate information about a small but very important for women body, reports Rus.Media.

The fact is that science has long treated the structure of the female body lightly. Scientists have discovered and then “lost” clitoris since II century BC up to the last century.

The female body is absolute! A woman can carry and give birth to a child, and all her body is harmonious and interconnected. Today we want to tell more about the body that was named by the Italian anatomist “love or sweetness of Venus.” No wonder he so poetically called this part of the body!

Female clitoris

The main function of the clitoris

The clitoris is a body that does not perform reproductive functions. His role is to bring pleasure to a woman!

75% of women cannot experience orgasm without clitoral stimulation, is the main erogenous zone for most women.

8 істин про клітор, які невідомі навіть жінкам..

The clitoris is equivalent to the male penis

The female clitoris and the male penis is the head. That’s just the nerve endings in the head of the clitoris is 2 times more than in the penis — as many as 8 thousand. This may explain the particular sensitivity of on the fact that some women with the right stimulation to reach orgasm very quickly.

Where is the clitoris

The visible part of the clitoris consists of a head, frenulum and clitoral hood. Head is at the bottom of the pubis, between the folds of the labia. But this is only a small part of the entire body!

A 3D image of the clitoris was first made in 2009 and made a splash. It turns out that the clitoris has legs that wrap around the urethra and vagina. During intercourse, the outer part of the clitoris is not stimulated, but the penis moving inside the vagina, stimulates the clitoris from the inside indirectly.

The clitoris is more than we used to think

This is amazing! Before, I did not know this fact, I think, for many of our readers it will also be a discovery.

As I wrote above, the clitoris consists of a visible part and a part located inside of the pelvis. The internal body of the clitoris consists of cavernous bodies, similar to the corpus cavernosum of the penis, just smaller.

When a woman is excited, the erectile tissues located inside and surround the vagina, swell and fill with blood. That’s why there are such warm and pleasant feeling!

8 істин про клітор, які невідомі навіть жінкам..

The Clit can get hard

Blood flow to the cavernous bodies and soft tissues causes erection of the clitoris. It can increase several times, some women are even 3 times. Before orgasm the clitoris is slightly reduced, 10 seconds after orgasm, returns to its normal state.

Clitoris size is different

Clitoris size depends on genetics, and the level of sex hormones. If in a woman’s body is genetically programmed active production of testosterone, the clitoris is larger. That is why so often on ultrasound girls are confusing to boys: if in the body of the embryo, there is increased production of testosterone, the clitoris may be large.

Clitoris size does not affect a woman’s ability to get excited! Here is the same story as with the male penis. As one of my friends said: “a Big dick is just big-dick, no more and no less…”

Vaginal orgasm is associated with the location of the clitoris

There are so-called “rule of thumb”, which brought the Princess Marie Bonaparte. If the clitoris is less than 2.5 cm from the entrance to the vagina, the woman can easily be able to experience vaginal orgasm. The larger the distance, the harder it is for a woman to achieve vaginal orgasm.

8 істин про клітор, які невідомі навіть жінкам..

Women can reach orgasm as easily as men!

From the point of view of physiology, a woman’s body is arranged perfectly and is prone to getting off. What to bring a woman to orgasm is difficult is just a myth imposed by the society where the female body a long period was viewed with shame.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey conducted research in which course have found out that 45% of women, masturbating, unable to orgasm within three minutes. Just like men who do!

Why are so many complications and questions in connection with female orgasm? It’s all in the lack of information. I propose to interrupt this vicious circle to break out of the stereotypes imposed by society and see the film “Dr. Kinsey” (2004). Very informative!

Looks like a Clit inside and out, you can learn from this short video. Human anatomy fascinating and little known! Do not get tired to admire how cleverly arranged our body…

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