8-year-old Japanese woman has played on a drum set and became a sensation (VIDEO)

8-летняя японка сыграла на ударной установке и стала сенсацией (ВИДЕО)

Joico, masterfully plays the song of Led Zeppelin.

Eight-year-old wunderkind from Japan, Toyoko Catfish started playing the drums when she was only two years, and in four it was performed at concerts in the family music group. Known to the world she was thanks to a video shot specifically for the contest Hit Like A Girl Contest 2018.

Joico, masterfully plays the song of the group Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times..

The baby was the real star of the Internet. Even Robert plant, the legendary vocalist of Led Zeppelin, by watching a video performance, was very impressed with the level of Joico. He acknowledged that this is a very technically complex part. The musician suggested that John Bonham, the late drummer for the band, which is considered one of the best in rock history, would be amazed at her game and said how fun girl playing on the drum set. She really likes what she does.

“My dream is to become the world’s best drummer!” – said the young drummer.


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