800 more students to the college English Dawson

800 étudiants de plus au collège anglophone Dawson

The expansion of the college English Dawson, who is part of the priority infrastructure projects of the government Legault, will allow the school to accommodate approximately 800 additional students in the coming years.

This establishment is English located in Montreal, currently attended by approximately 8,000 students, is bursting at the seams for years.

Five years ago, the ministry of Education has acknowledged that its deficit area was about 10 000 square meters. To the study since last year, this extension is now part of the 202 infrastructure projects put on the fast track by Québec in the framework of the project of law 61.

This project has been expanded in recent months to take account of the increase in the number of students early in the college network over the next few years. Within 10 years, the college network could count 37 000 extra students, according to budget documents released in march.

The director general, Richard Filion, is pleased that this project has been put on the fast track. However, it is too early to know what will be the impacts of this approach. “If we can save a year on our schedule, I will be very happy”, lance-t-il.

The construction of a new pavilion will allow it to consolidate several training courses in the field of health.

“Unhoped-for opportunity”

While in the beginning of the year number of voices to advocate for expansion of bill 101 to the cegep, the director general of the cégep Dawson defends loud and clear the expansion project of its facility in English, which hosts 40% of francophone students, of which allophones anglicized due to the effects of bill 101.

“For the vast majority of the population, it is an unhoped-for opportunity because they can’t afford summer camps immersion in English in Ontario or the northern United States, they don’t have the money for it. It is necessary to think of the student in there.”

According to Mr. Filion, you need to stop accusing cégeps anglophones to be responsible for the “alleged anglicization” of Montreal and focus on the faults surrounding the teaching of English in the school system.

For its part, the independent investigator, Frédéric Lacroix argues that this expansion “will come to destroy even more the dynamic language in Montreal”, while stressing that French as a language of instruction in post-secondary education is in decline in the montreal region.

To cope with the increase of cegep students early in the course of the next few years, Québec has also undertaken a review for the other two projects to add space in the cegep Ahuntsic and Edouard-Montpetit, are also located in Montreal.

New high school in Charlesbourg

Furthermore, the construction of the new secondary school in the area Charlesbourg, Quebec city, is also part of the projects prioritized by the government Legault in the framework of the project of law 61.

At the Commission scolaire des Premieres-Seigneuries, we are happy about the situation, without being able to provide more details for the moment. The grounds of the former zoological garden is always in the crosshairs of the school board, but no agreement has yet been reached on this subject.

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