850 paying spectators for a concert online Orloge Simard

850 spectateurs payants pour un concert en ligne d’Orloge Simard

Music lovers are willing to pay for a concert online? The owner of the bar shows the Anti, Quebec city, has been a part of the answer, on Saturday night, when nearly 850 people have paid 8 or $ 15 to watch a performance of Orloge Simard.

“It was a roll of the dice,” agreed Karl-Emmanuel Picard, is very satisfied with the result. “We sold 400 tickets the same day of the show.”

Everything was organized in less than ten days. The tickets were on sale on Lepointdevente.com. Some have paid $ 15 and they will be entitled to a beer from the microbrewery saguenay region Hopera when the Anti will resume its regular operations

The spectators have received a link giving them access to the broadcast at 20h, Saturday.

Accompanied by a single member of his group sitting about two metres from him, Orloge Simard was posted in the local business sound to Saguenay. Three cameras offer as many points of view.

“The comments were amazing. Everyone said that the sound and picture were top notch, better than the benefits, views on Facebook up to now,” ignites the organizer of the event.

The next to the Anti

Only hitch, the concert started fifteen minutes late because everyone was trying to connect at the same time, which overloaded the system. “We will do all that is necessary for the next concerts”, promises Karl-Emmanuel Picard.

As upcoming concerts, there will be. Rick Pagano and Mononc Serge, 15 and 16 may, Pépé and his guitar, the 23.

In the case of Pagano and Grandpa, the benefit will take place directly to the Anti, without a spectator and observing social distancing. It remains to be confirmed whether Mononc Serge is install also for his singing tour.

Tickets to see the show of Pagano are $ 10 and proof that the traditions are not lost, even in a pandemic, a fee of $ 50 will be entitled to a Zoom private (a meet and greet virtual) with the artist after the show.

“We have already sold a dozen,” says Karl-Emmanuel Picard, in a tone that did not conceal his surprise.

A month of spending

Other concerts will be added. The operation is profitable, has demonstrated the experience Orloge Simard, since the costs of operation are reduced to a minimum.

After distribution of the profits with the artist, “it might allow me to pay my expenses for more than a month “, says the owner-developer. “If I do four, which is going well, it is huge.”

Once that Quebec will be totally déconfiné, it even plans to continue the broadcasts, pay online for the concerts that will be presented to sold-out the Anti.

By then, Karl-Emmanuel Picard wishes to be able to receive groups, and not just an artist alone on stage. It is expected that this effect of the instructions of the authorities. He would also like to organize shows in drive-in theaters, this summer, as the duo 2Frères already planning to do so.

His initiative has also made small. The Coffee of the bell-Tower of Alma’s ad for the may 22, a virtual performance fee of Gab Bouchard with formula take-away meals to the locals.

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