9 life hacks that you definitely not learn from any Barber.

9 лайфхаков, о которых вы точно не узнаете ни от одного парикмахера!

Why I love going to the hairdresser? Because after going to such a place hair neatly stacking and glisten in the sun.

Trying to make something similar at home — well, nothing! And it is not the equipment or cosmetics. All in the simple tricks that hairdressers don’t like to tell visitors.

So, let’s learn how to create a stunning image at home.

1. Tips

Only if your scalp is very dry, it needs to be moisturized using conditioner to the entire length of hair and their roots.

In other cases, you should not do this. Our sebaceous glands secrete enough fat, and applied the conditioner will only make your hair heavier.

It is for this simple reason barbers prefer to use the air conditioning only 2/3 the length of the hair.

2. Invisible

Very often we are invisible. Agree, this is a very convenient accessory almost invisible and the hair lies as it should. But, alas, these clips are very often slide. But here we come to the aid of regular hairspray. Before using prysznice on invisible this spray and wait a couple of minutes. Ready!

3. Silk

Prefer pillowcase is made of satin or silk, as cotton helps to absorb moisture and it causes a mess in the morning.

4. Head massage

The most common massage of the head literally works wonders! It helps to stimulate the growth of hair and strengthening of roots.

5. Comb

Mistake number 1 — combing of wet hair massage brush. Better arm yourself with a wide-toothed comb.

6. Ponytail

If you like this hairstyle, but the density of your hair enables you to make the most “rat” tail, then this trick is for you. Braid ponytail, as usual, and then divide it into upper and lower part and kill it in the middle of a little crab. Visually your hair will be very lush.

7. Wrong side

You still think you need stealth to stab the wavy side up? You are wrong. It’s quite the opposite.

Wavy side helps to gather hair and to keep video.

9 лайфхаков, о которых вы точно не узнаете ни от одного парикмахера!

8. The roots of the hair

This tip is more suitable for blondes. Don’t always get time to run to the master and the dark roots have time to think. They can be hidden with the help of dry shampoo and a comb. Make a zigzag parting.

9. Unruly hair

Had my hair done, but a couple of hairs don’t want to lie down and stick out in different directions. Familiar?

Armed with a toothbrush and spray on her hair. After gently put unruly hair in place.

9 лайфхаков, о которых вы точно не узнаете ни от одного парикмахера!

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