9 myths about vaccination: to do or not to do?

For several years the Ukrainians EN masse to stop giving children vaccinations. We recently wrote about an outbreak of measles and diphtheria epidemic — the number infected is increasing in parallel with the rumors about accidents from vaccines. The Ministry of health of Ukraine together with UNICEF debunks myths and encourages to provide health care for their children without fear.

9 міфів про вакцинацію: робити чи не робити?

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1. No need to vaccinate against disease, which in Ukraine is long gone

Indeed, diseases such as measles, rubella, tetanus and whooping cough — have become more rare thanks to vaccines. However, in December 1804 recorded cases among children under the age of seventeen.

2. The child should recover in a natural way

9 міфів про вакцинацію: робити чи не робити?

The truth is that some diseases give complications in brain, heart and even lead to paralysis. The risk of complications is much higher than the risk of adverse reactions after vaccination.

3. Side effects from vaccinations do more harm than the disease

All medicines may cause some reaction. They are usually small, and their appearance was nothing more than a normal reaction to the drug: fever, swelling and redness at the site of inoculation. The MINISTRY of health takes the statistics: 90% of people without vaccination are infected by measles. 5% of those infected develop life. With vaccination, the risk of serious allergic reactions is 1 in 1 000 000.

4. Children with chronic diseases vaccination can not be done

And here and there. Such children are more at risk of Contracting an infectious disease, and tolerate it at times difficult. That is why they need the vaccination. Asthmatics and diabetics are recommended especially serious about vaccination.

9 міфів про вакцинацію: робити чи не робити?

5. Vaccine weakens and overwhelms the immune system

Infection by viruses can affect the immune system. But vaccines work in a different way. The viruses in the drugs that are administered to children, is so weakened that simply can’t harm the immune system of the child.

6. Cleckley vaccine against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus worse Beckley

The truth is that these vaccines differ only in the long term. And even though whole cell pertussis vaccine often causes fever and swelling at the site of inoculation is a normal reaction. Its advantage is that immunity after a vaccine will be more strong and resistant.

7. The breastfed children do not need the vaccine because you protected

9 міфів про вакцинацію: робити чи не робити?

This misconception. Of course, breast milk is very important and useful for the baby, but to protect the child from infection by milk — it is impossible.

8. It is impossible to make a vaccine during the outbreak

Not just possible, but necessary! In the case of measles, for example, need to be vaccinated unvaccinated child within three days after contact with an infected. This is the only opportunity to enhance immunity against infectious disease.

9. Vaccines cause autism

In 1998 the famous British medical journal published an article saying that there is a connection between autism and the vaccine against measles, rubella and mumps (mumps). Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the author, was found guilty of falsifying data and excluded from the medical register in the UK. After this precedent, medical centers the United States and Britain conducted many studies and, ultimately, denied this information.

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