9 scientifically proven things that attract men to women

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

We understand that Dating is a difficult thing, writes Healthy Way.

If you are a man, here’s the good news: the numbers on your side. According to statistics, in 2015, on average, 88 single males are 100 unmarried women. This means that you guys are in short supply.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

But do not relax, and that to compete they are not for you! Therefore, in the case of the conquest of girls ‘ hearts, extra help never hurts.

You can help science: we decided to study some studies about this and gathered 9 effective (and scientifically based) tips for a successful Dating.

For example, you can improve your chances if you…

1. Encourage her to eat.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

According to a 2014 study in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”, sharing food “increases interpersonal closeness”. Strange, like a regular slice of pizza can improve your relationship!

Basically, it boils down to the proverb “the Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. However, it turns out that the stomach is a pretty reliable way to woman’s heart.

2. Do not shave (but without fanaticism).

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

Here’s some good news for hipsters:

women do like beards.

Facial hair are perceived as a sign of maturity and masculinity, and it is not surprising that a decent beard can help you ask a girl out on a date.

However, it is not throw away his razor. The study, published in “Evolution and Human Behavior”, showed that women prefer “strong beard” more than a beard.

The researchers asked men and women to judge health by pictures of men with different amounts of facial hair.

“Women are considered persons with heavy stubble the most attractive,” wrote the study authors.

“This suggests that the average amount of hair on the face is the most attractive, the authors write, — while bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect her offspring.”

3. Disconnect your inner wingman.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

Yes, scientists have studied the pickup.

Two groundbreaking studies of classic pickup lines has shown that (spoiler) don’t work.

Almost 90 percent of women in one of these studies evaluated the pickup truck, as an extremely unhelpful approach to Dating.

But when science closes a door, somewhere she opens a window. About 65 percent of the women interviewed in the article “Personality and individual differences” said that they appreciate the simple, confident and straightforward approach.

Hint: Forget about the truck, even if you’re just kidding. Just remember that a simple, confident “hi” will bring you much more benefit and you will not be ashamed the next day.

4. Dress in red.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

This has little to do with fashion sense. A study conducted in the UK, tried to determine whether the red color on social signals.

Researchers photographed a few men and using photoshop changed the color of their clothes. When women were shown images of men in red, they rated males as “more aggressive” and more attractive.

When men were shown the same image, they called dressed in red “more dominant”.

The study authors noted that the color red is associated with the production of testosterone in many species (although the color really says nothing about testosterone in humans).

Bright red colors seem to exert some influence on our perception of potential pairs.

So, does this mean that Ronald McDonald is one of the most attractive men in the world? Well, we won’t argue with science.

5. Joke (but a funny and decent).

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

Women love guys with a good sense of humor. It’s almost like a cliché, isn’t it?

But scientists are still not exactly sure why the humor is so attracting them. At some point the researchers came to the conclusion that a good joke makes a man more intelligent in the eyes of women. Then, several studies have shown that humor has nothing to do with intelligence.

Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas believes that humor may simply show that a man is sociable. Kidding men and women play along with them.

Probably it is a scientific way of saying “We’re not really sure what’s going on here, but probably this is not so important.”

6. You’d smell ignite gasoline, printer ink or leather. Or just to smell.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

This survey was not conducted with proper scientific controls, but it’s too interesting to ignore. The soap company Daz interviewed 2,000 people to find the most attractive fragrances.

The results showed

that gasoline, printer ink, paint and leather were the most impressive fragrances for men, and the smell of chapstick and baby lotion is the most attractive to women.

Scientists do believe that scent plays a very important role. The human nose senses pheromones, and based on the smell, looking for the most suitable partner.

So how does it work on a date? One study showed that women who smelled male sweat are stronger than women, sensing other smells.

No word on whether that “other smells”, but we assume that the ink for printer, ink or the skin, they had no relationship.

7. Grow up.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

We all know the stereotype of the older man and younger woman. According to zoologist named Steven Proulx, this stereotype has its basis in the animal world.

In principle, the argument of Prolixa as follows: men don’t live so long.

In the animal world it works like this: the DOE will always prefer older majestic deer with beautiful antlers, a promising, but young opponent.

8. Will play on some instrument.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

Just make sure it’s not the drums. No one wants to date a drummer. (Of course, we’re kidding).

The only scientific evidence we could come up with is an article of 2014, published in the journal Psychology of Music.

The researchers put on the street a young (presumably handsome) guy. He spoke to 300 random women. In fact, he did it three times. The first time he just sat there. The second time he was holding a sports bag. The third time he sat with a guitar.

Guess which accessory helped the guy to get more phone numbers? Yes, it was a guitar.

9. Shrugged.

9 научно доказанных вещей, которые привлекают в мужчинах женщин

The 2015 study showed that open postures of the body “increase romantic attraction”.

According to the researchers, women are attracted to an open position when the chest in front, and the shoulders are straight, but relaxed.

The effect works in both directions, so men would rather be interested in a woman who is in an open position.

Were these tips helpful for you?

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