9 signs of weak character

9 признаков слабого характера

Your weakness people are usually disguised and hiding — but you will be able to detect the presence of a weak nature on these 9 grounds.Strength of character has made proud, and weaknesses usually prefer to hide — at least, not to advertise them when we first met. As is immediately clear that here is a man whose character is not anything like what he is trying to show? Look at the characteristic features that will quickly tell you the truth about the strength of his character.9 ways to recognize a person whose personality type refers to weak.1. Self-absorbed compostelana need for attention, self-centeredness, the need for reverence and the lack of ability to adequately perceive any criticism — these traits give a person and demonstrative hysteroid personality type. It is very heavy and it usually is not easy. You can manipulate the most primitive flattery.2. Imitation of someone libplot to adolescence imitation of anyone is considered normal: this is one form of socialization. With age person must find their own traits — if not, then he’s still not developed as a person.3. The fear can be faced vnimaniyainsti adorns people, but when she takes a frightening form, this indicates a weakness of character. Shy people usually suffer from too low self esteem and are afraid to show their true desires.4. Criticism of other people’s achievements and banal sanitizable may be depressed, hostile and positive. The first two are usually destructive to the psyche of the one who experiences it — but the latter is able to induce positive change in a person’s character. It is a pity that it occurs less often.5. Inability to meet the difficulty dostoynoy man prefers to hide from the difficulties or to pretend that nothing particularly interesting or important happens. Even small disturbances can permanently knock them out of the saddle and the strong spirit of boldly looking to the future, even if perfectly aware that they are waiting for is not the easiest of times.6. Failure to insist upon sweeming in dispute, indeed it is sometimes easier to accept than to prove his innocence — how it works one of the principles of diplomacy. But in some cases the inability to defend your point shows the weakness of character: the boundaries of this man is easy to break, and he himself often does not notice that I broke someone else’s.7. The unwillingness and inability to ask for pomodoros on assistance should have to testify about the adequacy of the assessment of what is happening — but the weak person is sure that the demonstration of the lack of power makes him more vulnerable. Suffers himself, and the business could be established with the participation of another person.8. Fear to show and Express real emozionato can not always hide behind a mask of indifference or endless success just because any of us may be tired or sad. Society often imposes on us stereotypes — for example, that real men don’t cry — but follow them only weak character people.9. Inability macatuba always barrel rattles louder — weak people are so afraid to hear about something unpleasant, that his mouth never closes. Sometimes he is unpredictable and unnecessarily aggressive, but no one would have tried to attack him first.

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